WATCH: Throwback Video Shows Pelicans Employees Going Absolutely Crazy After Drafting Zion Williamson

By 3 months ago

Zion Williamson was the star of the 2019 NBA draft. The Duke prodigy created an overwhelming hype when he declared his eligibility for the 2019 NBA draft.

Subsequently, the New Orleans Pelicans won the draft lottery which made them eligible to make the first overall pick in the draft.

Amid sensational hype surrounding Williamson, the Pelicans had to pick him to fill the gap created by the departure of Anthony Davis to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Zion was extremely impressive in his freshman year with Duke. He was full of confidence that he would land up as the potential first pick. And the Pelicans did pick Williamson, who averaged 22.6 points and 8.9 rebounds per game in his freshman year at Duke.

Post his first season at Duke, Williamson joined Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis as the only freshmen to collect 500 points, 50 steals, and 50 blocks in a season.

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Zion Williamson in his Rookie Year with the Pelicans

The entire city of New Orleans jumped with joy knowing the best college player was coming to play for their team in the NBA.

A video is making its rounds on social media where the employees in the Pelicans’ office can be seen celebrating wildly. This was after their team landed 6-foot-6 Williamson in the draft. The employees absolutely go crazy and the whole atmosphere in the room is filled with excitement.

Coming into the Pelicans squad, Zion’s rookie season started off with a torn meniscus during a preseason game. As a result, he had to miss the first three months of the regular season. Williamson made his debut against the San Antonio Spurs in January.

Zion’s first season in the NBA has matched to his hype. He is tactically very strong and his physical abilities often overshadow it. His thundering dunks are a work of art and display his ability on the court.

Zion Williamson became the first teenager in NBA history to score 20 plus points in 10 consecutive games. Until now, Williamson has played nineteen games in the NBA. He averages 23.3 points, 7.1 rebounds and 2.3 assists per game and shoots 57.3% from the field.

He is surely a one for the future considering the spectacular abilities and dedication he brings on the court. His explosive play makes him a great defender and his rebound game is proving to be a threat to his opponents.

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