“You Can’t Build a Rivalry”: Los Angeles Lakers Owner Doesn’t See Clippers as Rivals

June 20, 2020 3:00 pm

Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie Buss believed there was no rivalry between her team and the team in their neighborhood, Los Angeles Clippers.

During an appearance on the “Daddy Issues Podcast” with Joe Buck and Oliver Hudson, Buss said Clippers was just like any other team in the league for them and they would like to beat all the teams.

“The Clippers are one of the 29 teams that’s trying to beat us. They’re a competitor and I want to beat all of the other teams, including Michael Jordan’s team in Charlotte, our friends in Boston, and in Milwaukee,” she said (H/T Lakers Nation).

Except for the last few years, Clippers haven’t been a consistent playoff contender. Since moving to Los Angeles from San Diego in 1982, the Clippers had just four playoff appearances until 2010. With the likes of Chris Paul coming into the side in 2011 and Doc Rivers becoming the head coach a year later, the Clippers started competing in the postseason.

The Lakers, on the contrary, have been one of the most successful franchises not only the NBA but across all American Sports. It was only in the last few years that they had a dip in their performances. But they seem to be back on track with LeBron James and Anthony Davis leading them.

Buss felt there was no history of rivalry between the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers

When Davis joined the Lakers last summer, the Clippers also had two All-Star signings in the form of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. These signings meant that the Clippers became one of the strongest teams in the NBA and many put them in the title contenders category.

With two strong teams in the city of Los Angels, the fixture between the two became a much-anticipated one giving rise to the “rivals” tag. However, Buss felt that there was no history of intense playoff battles between the two sides to make them rivals.

“You can’t build a rivalry until there is a rivalry,” she said. “I mean that in terms of we’ve never played them in the playoffs. Whereas with Boston, we can go back and go, ‘Remember when this happened? Remember when that happened?’ All of our playoff experience against Boston, that’s a rivalry because you have a history. We just haven’t had a history with the Clippers in the playoffs.”


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