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“You Don’t Really Say Sh***”: Golden State Warriors Still Unhappy With Kevin Durant’s 2019 Free Agency Drama

“You Don’t Really Say Sh***”: Golden State Warriors Still Unhappy With Kevin Durant’s 2019 Free Agency Drama

A day after the first episode of “The Last Dance” aired on the ESPN, the media tried to draw parallels between Chicago Bulls handling free agency then and the Golden State Warriors last season. For a good part of the last season, uncertainty loomed over Kevin Durant and his contract extension.

In an episode of the Uninterrupted, the hosts asked Draymond Green whether the Warriors handled the situation similar to how the Bulls did back in 1997-98. Green admitted that Durant and Warriors should have discussed the situation to make things clear.

“Because, what should have happened was Kevin come out and say, hey, like ‘This is it, so let’s do this.’ Or ‘This isn’t it,’ you know what I’m saying?” Green said.

The media asked Green and Klay Thompson about Durant’s contracts regularly. “Every time we spoke to the media, Klay (Thompson) and myself was asked about our contracts and it was strictly due to Kevin, because while that was going on, Klay was saying ‘I want to be a Warrior forever. Like, I want to be here, we started this thing. This is where I want to be.’ I’m saying I want to be here for my career, we started this, we built this, I want to finish my career here with the guys I started it with.”

Draymond Green called Durant “the elephant in the room” for the Golden State Warriors

After winning two titles and two finals MVP in the last two seasons, Durant was heading into free agency. Naturally, the media kept asking him about his future. And Durant kept saying he was unsure. Green said that Durant was an obvious problem that the Warriors didn’t want to talk about last season. It was where he felt things were different from the Bulls. The Bulls then did not have an “elephant in the room,” said Green.

“And then you kinda had Kevin ‘I don’t know what I’m going to do next year.’ And it don’t matter, but it does because you’re not the only person that has to answer that question.

Further, Green says that no one has an obligation to answer to the media. “To be quite frank with you, you’re honestly the last person that has to answer that question because you don’t really say s–t, you don’t say much to the media, if anything, you tell them to shut the f—k up.” Green said that he gets stuck answering media questions, since he has a conversation with the press instead of telling them to “Shut the f–k up.

“And due to that, there was always an elephant in the room amongst us as opposed to them. (The Bulls) didn’t have that elephant.”

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