“You Had One Job”: Philadelphia 76ers’ Fans Mock Team’s New Jersey on Twitter

November 10, 2020 9:34 pm

There are exciting times ahead for the Philadelphia 76ers. They have a new head coach and moreover, a new man running the front office. In addition to that, the franchise teased its fans last week about a new uniform reveal and the design has now been unveiled! 

It is a similar black uniform from the 2000s era, fondly associated with the team’s run to the 2001 Finals. Just as we said it, one can picture Allen Iverson donning the black uniform for Philly. 

The current city edition comes in a dark black shade and pays tribute to Philly by embossing the ‘Boathouse Row,’ one of the city’s iconic landmarks. All-Star forward Ben Simmons helped design the jersey and provided valuable inputs in delivering the outcome. 

Fans were overjoyed with the fact that the Sixers were bringing back the dark shade to their uniforms. However, it didn’t quite turn out to their taste as some of them expressed their harsh disappointment over the design. 

Twitter rants in disappointment over the new Philadelphia 76ers jersey

A lot of Sixers fans did not enjoy the latest city edition that the franchise unveiled. Sure, Ben Simmons struck a bold pose with the black jersey which seemed intriguing. But the design came out as a disappointment. 

A Twitter user put forth what was expected from the team and what they actually delivered in place of it. 


While some tried to put it subtly, a few of them vented their glaring opinion on the design and it wasn’t all pleasant! 

Furthermore, a few of them were puzzled as to how the designers found inspiration for the jerseys. Even though it is largely a tribute to the team’s 2000s era, fans feel it is just a more premium rip-off of the Clippers and the Nuggets’ uniforms. 

Amid these rantings, a few intelligent fans spotted a major easter egg in the new Philly jerseys. Have they incorporated Joel Embiid’s ‘Trust the Process’ phrase on it? Decide for yourself! 

Nonetheless, this is what the Sixers will be wearing next season as their “City” uniforms. Hall of Famer and franchise legend Allen Iverson is a fan of it, and there’s not much that can be said after that. Of course, fans are going to keep registering comments, but they aren’t going to reverse what they released!

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