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“You Stalking Me on the Low?” Kendrick Perkins Gets in a Twitter War With “Old Man” Skip Bayless

“You Stalking Me on the Low?” Kendrick Perkins Gets in a Twitter War With “Old Man” Skip Bayless

Another day, another Twitter war. We’ve seen a lot of Kendrick Perkins recently, especially in the various situations regarding the Orlando bubble. However, countercriticism is not strong enough to stop Perk. Here’s how the 2008 NBA Champion got into another feud.

Kendrick Perkins indulges in Twitter war

Former Oklahoma City Thunder player Kendrick Perkins recently went on a rampage to destroy everyone who spoke against him. After the whole Kyrie Irving incident, now its sports writer Skip Bayless’ turn.


Kendrick Perkins



Just recently, Skip Bayless came at Kendrick Perkins on Twitter. Bayless started out by saying that Perk was LeBron James‘ new PR guy, as the former is pretty vocal about his support for the latter. This may be a reference to Perkins’ tweet about how LeBron James was the most athletic player in the NBA’s history.



Bayless talked about this on his show ‘The Undisputed’, and later, argued about it with Perkins in a Twitter rant. Bayless started off by talking about all the times Perk has defended LeBron publically by himself.

After this, Bayless mocked Perkins’ belief that LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan.

That seemed like enough to set Perkins off. He responded to Bayless’ tweet, calling the writer an old man and accusing him of stalking.

After this, in some time, Bayless highlighted the latest incident about Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant calling Perkins a sell-out. Bayless implied that KD did so because Perkins changed where his loyalty lies, after playing with LeBron briefly.

Perk also chose to respond to this, and oh boy, was he prepared! So as to prove Bayless wrong, it seems Perkins went to great lengths to find an old picture of him with LeBron. In the tweet, he revealed that he had been friends with the Lakers star since 8th grade. They also played highschool basketball together.

It has been several hours since this last Twitter exchange between the two, and Bayless has not yet responded.

Perkins has updated fans on Twitter that he will be joining Stephen A. Smith’s show, ‘First Take‘, to talk about the KD incident.


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