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“You’re in trouble”: NBA Analyst Believes Jamal Murray Can Be a Threat To LeBron James In Game 4

“You’re in trouble”: NBA Analyst Believes Jamal Murray Can Be a Threat To LeBron James In Game 4

The Lakers did a great job of asserting their dominance in the first two games of the WCF. However, the Denver Nuggets have come back to bite again. They have inched closer to the Lakers and won game 3 with a score of 114-106. Even though the Lakers are stronger than the Nuggets, NBA Analyst Skip Bayless thinks the Lakers might be in trouble and the reason could be Jamal Murray.

The heart belongs to the Denver Nuggets because of Jamal Murray

On Undisputed, Skip Bayless establishes his viewpoint on the gripping matchup the Lakers and Nugget are. He confessed, “For me, this is head or heart. My heart says the Nuggets are going to give you all you want. My head keeps telling me, stop it. This will be over quickly and that Lebron and the company will take care of business in game 4 and in game 5. Then it will be over in 5. I still say the lakers are considerably better just because they’re two superstars are both better than the two emerging superstars for the Nuggets.”

Nevertheless, Bayless doesn’t think the Nuggets are any less. He lists down one major factor that could be a major issue for the Lakers ahead in the series. “But I will give you this on a concerning level, If Jamal Murray is becoming ‘that guy’ right before your eyes if he is becoming the true superstar, the equal now of LeBron James at age 35 at the end of year 17, if Jamal Murray is equal to him and if he can create the same impact and the same electricity that LeBron can in turning-point game 4, then you’re in trouble,” explained Bayless.

Jamal Murray was the highlight of game 3. He not only bagged 28 points and whopping 12 assists, but also orchestrated the entire offense for the Nuggets. He is a big threat to the Lakers and they have to find a solution to calm him down. LeBron may be the best player at the Lakers’ disposal but the youngster is giving him a tough time.

Do the Lakers chicken out under pressure?

Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

From what we’ve seen so far, the Lakers do not perform well under pressure at all. It is during the clutch moments that they lose their sense of confidence and hand over the win in a platter. Players like Anthony Davis, Dwight Howard, and JaVale McGee need to show more consistency. On the other hand, the pressure seems to be the Nuggets’ forte. They have scored the most clutch point this season and have a way of causing an upset. It’s high time the Lakers change this or else they will suffer its consequences.





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