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“Be Careful Going to the United States”: $80 Million NBA Star’s Thoughtless Action Garners Strong Response From NFL Insider

Published 05/16/2023, 10:19 AM EDT

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The problem of the Memphis Grizzlies star, Ja Morant, has not yet ended. Soon after the club incident, the $80 million NBA star finds himself entangled in yet another similar controversy. Even if the Grizzlies are out of the championship race, this year, Morant showed his potential on the court. Despite his exceptional skills and dynamic playing style, Morant’s off-court behavior frequently eclipses his on-court brilliance.

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Recently, Morant faced a suspension from his basketball team, the Grizzlies. He received an eight-game suspension without pay after he openly displayed a gun during a visit to a club, resulting in a loss of approximately $669,000 in salary. However, Morant once again made headlines when he went live on Instagram with his friend and became involved in a situation that could potentially have significant consequences for his NBA career.

Is NFL Insider Eisen ashamed?


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In a recent episode of the podcast ‘The Rich Eisen Show’, host Rich Eisen addressed Morant’s recent behavior on social media. He expressed concerns, stating, “There are foreign countries, talent people, be careful going to the United States, you might die due to gun violence.” In the live video that surfaced on Saturday, Morant and his friends are seen inside a vehicle, although the specific location is unknown. They can be observed grooving to a beat.

However, during the video, Morant briefly brandishes a gun, which shocked fans as well as members of the NBA and NFL. Upon seeing the video, Eisen expressed disappointment in Morant’s actions. Discussing Morant’s actions and the live video, Eisen expressed his disappointment, noting, “If you see the video his friend’s phone just flashes and you see Morant sitting in the passenger seat….. and a huge handgun.”


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He continued to share his thoughts on Morant, stating, “….What he can get is nine figures of money and fame and fortune…. he has that opportunity, and what he’s doing right now is he is flushing it down the toilet.” Eisen emphasized his belief that it is a “damn shame” and suggested that the Grizzlies should suspend Morant.

Antonio Brown Agrees With NBA Sensation Ja Morant’s Wisdom Backing His Controversial Antics

He also recalled Morant’s previous statement about seeking counseling in Florida to learn stress management. Eisen remarked, “I need to make better decisions off the court [as said by Morant], and this is what he’s doing. This is the story on Mother’s Day.” Besides Eisen, Morant’s controversies have attracted attention and comments from other NFL stars and fans as well, and among them are Sauce Gardner and A J Brown.

What did they say about Morant?


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It appears that the Philadelphia Eagles All-Pro wide receiver, A J Brown, has stepped in to offer advice to young athletes, specifically addressing Morant’s behavior. Brown advised Morant to “chill” and questioned why he was being reckless and jeopardizing his NBA career, as reported by Fansided. In a tweet, Brown also pinpointed on Morant’s friend, “Watch who you called your friend!” Brown’s tweets reflect his concern for Morant’s actions and the potential consequences he may have on his professional career.

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In addition to Brown, the NFL’s Defensive Rookie of the Year, Sauce Gardner, also indirectly addressed Morant’s behavior through a tweet. Gardner commented, “Everybody have guns bro.” He followed up by stating, “No need to post it on IG live lol.” Following the recent incident, the Grizzlies have taken action by barring Morant from all team activities. They stated, “He is suspended from all team activities pending League review. We have no further comment at this time.


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As the investigation unfolds, further updates and statements from the team may provide additional clarity. But as of now, it remains to be seen how this incident will shape the NBA star’s future. What do you think?



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