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Are the NBA Playoffs No Longer Competitive? –

Are the NBA Playoffs No Longer Competitive? –

Are the NBA Playoffs No Longer Competitive? -

When the 2016-17 NBA season started last year in October, a lot of people asked, “Why are we even doing this when we already know the end result?”. Almost a month after the playoffs began, this couldn’t be more true. Has the NBA post-season lost its edge?

Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors have already made it to their respective conference finals sweeping any team that came their way. The only time it came close for the Cavaliers was in Game 1 of round one. After that, it was a Cavaliers show which included a record breaking comeback victory from 26 points down at halftime in game 3 against Indiana Pacers. The Golden State Warriors too have not skipped a beat in the first two rounds of the playoffs. Kevin Durant is back to his best. Cavaliers, who were ranked 29th defensively for the regular season surprisingly have taken their defence to a whole new level. LeBron James has truly flipped the switch as he’s having the best postseasons of his career. Here’s what Raptors forward DeMar DeRozan had to say about James.

The Golden State Warriors on the other hand were just as good as they were in the regular season, blowing out their opponent every single game. It’s almost as if their opponent in the Blazers and Jazz were too weak for them.

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Are the NBA Playoffs No Longer Competitive? -
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Both Cavs and Warriors await their opponents for the conference finals. Cavs will go up against either Boston or Washington who are currently tied 2-2 while the Warriors will face the winner of the series between San Antonio and Houston. The real question here is ‘are any of these teams good enough to pose even the slightest threat to Cavaliers and Warriors’. Are we headed to a Warriors vs Cavaliers NBA Finals for the third straight time?

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