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NBA Superstar Ben Simmons Joins FaZe Clan as an Investor

NBA Superstar Ben Simmons Joins FaZe Clan as an Investor

In a dramatic turn of events, NBA superstar Ben Simmons has joined FaZe Clan as an investor. However, his idea goes way beyond being just an investor. The Philadelphia 76ers star joins a long list of celebrities already associated with FaZe. With names like Pitbull, Jamal Murray, Offset, Simmons’ vision is surely well-placed and will go a long way. Ben has chosen “FaZe Simmo” as his organization moniker.

In his interview, he mentions he wants to bring in more kids into the mix. He also touches on the fact that he wants to put Australia back on the gaming map. The two-time NBA All-Star had flaunted FaZe colors long before he joined them.

FaZe Clan announced the news on Twitter. Although, none of the terms and conditions of his investment have been disclosed yet. This seems like an interesting move by FaZe. They are already one of the premier gaming organizations in the world, and this addition will only attract more youngsters to join them.  

Ben Simmons decides to join FaZe Clan as an investor

FaZe already has pro teams in Valorant, CS:GO, Call of Duty League, Fortnite, PUBG, Rainbow Six Seige, FIFA, etc. During the quarantine period, Ben Simmons had taken to Twitch and channelized his inner gamer. He loves Call Of Duty and streamed Warzone to entertain his fans. 

This is not the first time FaZe Clan has partnered up with an athlete or sporting entity. FaZe is more than just a gaming org. In fact, they have interests in various fields, apart from gaming. From clothing to soccer, they have their hands in many cookie jar.

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Simmon plans to do more than just invest

As a professional NBA player, Ben might not have all the time in the world to give wings to his gaming dreams. However, that does not mean he cannot do it for other youngsters. In fact, that seems to be his plan.

With Simmons on board, FaZe Clan is in a great position right now. Regardless of their records, they are one of the best organizations out there in the world, be it for any game. This move only shows how true that statement is. 

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