Watch: Nuggets and Rockets Hold a Moment of Silence for Kobe Bryant Ahead of Their Game

January 27, 2020 2:58 am

Today will be far be among the saddest days for not just NBA fans, but for sports fans in particular. The legendary NBA star Kobe Bryant has unfortunately passed away in a helicopter crash. Reports have confirmed the demise. Also on his helicopter were three other individuals, including his 13 year old daughter. It was only a couple of days back when Kobe was in the news again when Lebron James passed him for #3 position in all time scoring list. Further, a week back, his video of coaching his daughter went viral where he was talking the game with her. And now suddenly the two are no more.

Naturally the death of such a major player who influenced generation of playing will not go away so easily. Kobe Byrant will be mourned and remembered for years by the fans of the game. But as is always the game, the show must go on. In the afternoon game, right after the news of Bryant’s death, the Denver Nuggets were to take on Houston Rockets. The team respectfully held a minute’s silence for his demise and passed on their respects to him. Watch the video below:

Details of Kobe Bryant’s Helicopter Crash

Currently there are not a lot of details available regarding the crash apart from the fact that there were a total of four casualties including Kobe Bryant and his daughter. The duo were travelling to her basketball travel game when the crash occurred. The rest of the details we will update here as and when they are revealed.

Rockets vs Nuggets

The game involving the Houston Rockets and Denver Nuggets was anticipated to be a high profile match. Being at #5 and #4 of the standings respectively, it was very critical for either of the teams to win this match. Rockets in particular will be hoping for Harden to regain his confidence after a series of shooting misses in the recent games has put him on the backfoot compared to the start of the season.

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