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WATCH: At 35, LeBron James Gets MVP Chants from the Houston Crowd

WATCH: At 35, LeBron James Gets MVP Chants from the Houston Crowd

LeBron James playing for Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James led his team to another impressive win over Houston Rockets on Saturday.

During the match, LeBron received a chant that he is much familiar with. The crowd at the Toyota Centre began MVP chants as James was setting himself for one of his five free throws on the night.


The chants are just a testament of the kind of season that the King is having at the age of 35. Already a three-time MVP, James has been leading the Lakers in their quest to their first Championship in the post-Kobe Bryant era.

James is currently leading the league in assists with an average of 10.9 assists per game. His career average stands at 7.3 assists per game. LeBron’s work on his fitness deserves major accolades for what he is achieving at the age of 35. He is also contributing with 7.7 rebounds and 25.4 points per game.

LeBron James has been without Davis

Prior to the start of the season, LeBron was joined by Anthony Davis, making the Lakers roster look like a title contender. LeBron James and Anthony Davis formed an enviable partnership with the duo leading the team from the front.

However, Davis suffered an injury last week and LeBron was left without his partner. But the Lakers managed to continue their run in his absence, winning all five games without Davis.

More impressively, two of those wins came against teams with over .500 record. LeBron has been influential in almost all of the games.

Over the last two games, LeBron dished out an overwhelming 31 assists, maintaining a good ratio with his 11 turnovers.

“It’s good wins for us. It’s really good wins for us… It doesn’t matter who we’re playing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a playoff team, not a playoff team, it’s just about that moment right then and there. You want to take that challenge no matter if the team is in the playoffs or the team is not in the playoffs.” LeBron said after the game as per Harrison Faigen of SB Nation.

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