Watch: Shaquille O’Neal Shares Hilarious Old Videos of His Sons Playing Pranks on Him

April 4, 2020 8:50 pm

Some influencers really strive to provide the best content for their fans. NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is surely one such purpose-driven man.

The funniest home videos from the Shaq house



NBA’s big man Shaquille O’Neal continues to be a fan favorite even after retirement. He is sincerely invested in entertaining his followers with frequent posts on social media.

Recently, O’Neal posted a few old home videos from when his kids were younger. We’re not sure if he was trying to humiliate himself, or show how unaffected he remains after his kids’ various pranks.

The very first video starts off with Shaq’s elder son, Shareef O’Neal, saying, “My daddy always needs something to drink, drink this.”

Then the viewer is taken to the O’Neals’ bathroom, where the kids fill up a cup with toilet water and give it to Shaq. An unaware Shaq drinks the water, spits it out, and runs after the kids.



In a second video, one of Shaq’s kids hit him hard with a board while he is sleeping. However, the big man does not even wince. Here we see Shaq’s strength, if that was what he was trying to show.

After a moment passes, Shaq wakes up, looks around, and goes back to sleep again. Then, the kid takes a run-up and jumps onto a sleeping Shaq, but in vain. After this, the kid slaps him.

Here, we noticed a little wince on Shaq’s face. Maybe he isn’t immune to everything after all. Yes, big man, we saw those eyes.


Shaquille O’Neal is comfortable joking about the divorce

The third and last home video that Shaq shared might be a bittersweet memory. It shows Shaq’s wife at the time, Shaunie, come inside the room. Her face shows disgust as she smells something bad.



Shaunie sits down near the laundry basket and looks for the source of the smell. She immediately finds a pair of dirty underwear with a brown spot on it. When she sees it, she says, “Damn” with an even more disgusted face than before.

Shaquille captioned this post “The real reason why @shaunieoneal5 left me”, implying that Shaunie O’Neal, his former wife, left him because of his dirty underwear.

Shaunie and Shaq divorced after almost 7 years of marriage. Shaq admitted to being the reason for the fall of the romance.

Shareef commented with crying emojis on this post, whereas Shaunie commented with:


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