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WATCH: When Klay Thompson Torched the Kings in a Perfect Quarter

WATCH: When Klay Thompson Torched the Kings in a Perfect Quarter

Klay Thompson can be one of the most lethal scorers in the league. None know that better than the Sacramento Kings. The Kings were on the receiving end of a Thompson shooting masterpiece on 23rd January 2015.

The Golden State Warriors shooting guard, currently rehabilitating a torn ACL torched the Kings for 52 points. The damage was done in the 3rd quarter of the game. Going perfect from the field and 3-point line, Thompson scored an astonishing 37 points that quarter. Nothing the Kings did could stop him.

Klay Thompson and his most famous quarter

The 2014-15 Season was the start of the Warriors dominant era. Heading into the game, the Warriors had established themselves as the best team in the NBA. At half time, the Warriors held a 56-51 lead. The match was still very much in the balance. Klay Thompson had other ideas.

In arguably the greatest quarter of his NBA career, the Kings had no answer to Thompson. He scored 37 out of the team’s 41 points that quarter. He made all 13 of his field goals in 13 attempts. That tied the NBA record held for most field goals in a quarter. He scored an NBA record, 9 3-pointers in that quarter, and hit both of his free throws.


That quarter effectively sealed the game in favour of the Warriors. Thompson would finish the game with a then-career-high of 52 points. He made 11 of his 15 3-point field goals, a personal best for him at the time.

This was the start of a journey for both Klay Thompson and the Warriors. He and the team would enjoy immense success in the following few years. Thompson continued to be a key member of the team, scoring in must-win games or going on a shooting spree and powering the warriors onto a victory.

Klay Thompson after his famous quarter against the Sacramento Kings

Thompson is still perhaps amongst the most underrated players in NBA. His perfect quarter against the Kings is a reason why he should be considered as a great.

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