Angel Reese Sobbed for Attention; Gets No Sympathy From Biggest Critic Jason Whitlock

Published 04/03/2024, 1:39 PM EDT

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“Angel Reese, you can’t be the big bad wolf but kind of cry like courage the cowardly dog,” said former pro football player, and Fox Sports 1 analyst, Emmanuel Acho, reacting to LSU Tigers forward’s emotions post the Monday night’s Elite Eight elimination. It has been a tearjerker for 21-year-old Angel Reese since the 94-87 loss to Iowa, as she opened up about receiving death threats after LSU won the 2023 national title. Her outburst obviously didn’t sit right with the self-proclaimed “kings of the court” who herded to announce their judgment.

A name perfectly executing the aforementioned role was that of Jason Whitlock, a 56-year-old American sports columnist, podcaster, and former football player. Adding his two cents, here’s how he reacted to the alleged cry for attention.

Angel Reese schooled by sports multi-personality


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On his YouTube channel, Jason Whitlock recently posted a video, titled: “Caitlin Clark Earns Her Spot Among Basketball’s Elite | Angel Reese’s Post-Loss Pity Party | Ep 659.” In his brief qualifier description, he added a shoutout to Iowa’s point guard Caitlin Clark calling her the ‘most important basketball player since Michael Jordan.’ Further claiming that after Clark’s team dismantled LSU, “Bayou Barbie broke down, claiming she’s been the victim of online attacks, death threats, and sexualization.”

Whitlock remarked, “Caitlin Clark lost last year, she lost with class. When she won this year, she won with class, that’s because she has parents that are discipline. I’m not saying Angel Reese has no parents, but are they discipling her properly? Is anybody correcting her? Is anybody criticizing her?”

And just so nobody would misunderstand him, Whitlock continued to explain, “We’ve created these bubbles for black athletes and black celebrities and personalities where, oh my God, you can’t criticize them! You’re hating, you’re racist! And so, they don’t grow, they don’t evolve, they stay the same person. I am who I am, I’m gonna continue to put out all this hot air, and all this energy that’s going to draw heat and draw criticism because that’s just who I am.”

Additionally, the columnist blasted Reese for bringing up every terrible thing she had gone through solely after a crushing defeat and not the previous time LSU triumphed in the match. But then, the fact remains that the Lady Tiger wasn’t cent percent during Elite Eight.

Iowa vs LSU: Tigers’ 6-foot 3 forward’s mid-match injury

Angel Reese had an ankle sprain during the SEC Tournament last month. But on Monday night, the injury got worse when LSU was leading 34–30. Reese had shot five out of seven shots and scored ten points in the match. However, after the injury, she struggled to score, clearly struggling to carry the ball across the court. During halftime, Reese changed her shoes to better support her ankles, going with high-tops.

USA Today via Reuters

Despite a tie at the half, LSU’s poor performance of the game in the third quarter signaled the game’s turning point. Iowa took advantage of this and led by 11 points at the end of the game. Reese finished the game with 17 points and 20 rebounds and said, “I played through it, and I’m not going to make that excuse for the rest of my play for the game.”


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With 1:45 left in the game, Reese fouled out, and later along with Flau’jae Johnson shared an emotional moment on the bench. The two players who had carried the Tigers all season long weren’t going to be the ones to defend the national championship.


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On an upsetting note, ever since the Elite Eight match concluded, Angel Reese undoubtedly got a taste of her own medicine as the tables turned this year! Don’t you agree?


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