“Don’t See That Working Out”: Angel Reese and Kamilla Cardoso’s WNBA Draft Projection Doesn’t Sit Right with Fans

Published 04/11/2024, 7:23 AM EDT

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Everyone has experienced how tempers flare when Angel Reese and Kamilla Cardoso come face to face. LSU and the South Carolina Gamecocks have been at each other’s throats throughout the previous years, quite literally. However, what if in some crazy universe, Reese and Cardoso enter the same professional team? Something similar has happened as we enter the WNBA draft week. Result? Fans cannot fathom what the team would be like if ESPN’s latest mock draft came to reality.

Women’s Hoops Networks recently posted ESPN’s latest WNBA mock draft on their official X account. According to this, South Carolina star Kamilla Cardoso is slated to be picked by the Chicago Sky with the No. 3 pick. But things get interesting with Chicago’s next pick at No. 8. ESPN predicts it is going to be LSU star Angel Reese. While the post only asked for the fans to share their thoughts on the entire top-10 list, the eyes of most of the followers got stuck at the SEC rivals.


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Their last SEC final collision, where Kamilla Cardoso pushed LSU’s Flau’jae Johnson is proof that the Brazilian talent can get physical. It was called for an intentional foul that ultimately led to Cardoso’s ejection from the title game. At the same time, Angel Reese, who abstains from getting physical, at least in the face, is somewhat of a master at trash-talking. The former brings all the offensive prowess to the team, and the latter is the rebounding leader. Hence, the mere talk of these two coming to the same stage to play as one rather than against is a shocker for many.

It is noteworthy that despite getting ejected in the fourth quarter of the game, North Carolina snatched victory from LSU with a 79-72 score in what otherwise was a tightly contested matchup. The title-winning game also marked its eighth SEC Tournament title in 10 years.

Interestingly, LSU and South Carolina faced each other twice this year, giving fans two of the best games of the season. The first one, in January, was when it all became about Reese and Cardoso as the two continued to swat each other’s shots. In the end, it was the Gamecocks who came out on top. Following the rumors of a possible team-up in the WNBA, fans have shown their surprise in the comments.

Angel Reese and Kamilla Cardoso forming their own version of San Antonio Spurs’ famed “Twin Towers” in Chicago doesn’t seem feasible

Undeniably, these two young athletes have proven their potential throughout their college basketball careers. However, what they have also shown is their incapability to simultaneously be in the same space. While one could draw parallels with the likes of Tim Duncan and David Robinson who proved that two big men could co-exist and go on to even win a championship together, basketball is different nowadays with more spacing. Hence, there is nothing new if X users are surprised at the latest WNBA mock draft, “Kamilla and Angel [thinking face emoticon]

Both Cardoso and Reese are defensive anchors who can instantly elevate any team’s defense. But their offense isn’t their strongest suit as Reese averaged 18.6 points on 47% shooting this year while Cardoso averaged 14.4 points on 60% FG. While going up against them will be a huge task for anyone in the league, it might leave the offense a bit short-handed. Fans, on the other hand, just couldn’t get over the pairing: “Kamilla and Angel? [laughing emoticons]  in the same team wueh


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Another fan pointed out, “The only way for Chicago to make that work is if Reese develops a mid range shot.” While her career average of 50% is decent, it mostly comes from around the basket. Her 3-Pt% is a poor 15% and she might need to develop a jumper to help create more space on the floor.

However, other basketball followers suggested that they are enemies on the court, not outside of it: “They don’t have a problem with each other. Basketball is competitive and humans have emotions.” This is something Reese has cleared for Caitlin Clark previously. There have been many instances of off-court enemies working well on the court. The latest example is that of Patrick Beverly and Damian Lillard, who had been at each other’s throats throughout their careers but as soon as the two teamed up in Milwaukee, they mended their differences for the common goal of a championship.

While Chicago was swept by the eventual champions Las Vegas Aces last year, some fans think that the addition of two of the biggest college basketball stars will surely increase their chances at a championship, irrespective of their similar playing styles. In fact, a fan noted, “If the sky can get Cardoso and Reese it’s over for the league.


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Whether Reese or Cardoso end up together or not, they are surely going to impact their teams substantially. With a strong stature of 6-ft-7 mixed with flexibility, Kamilla Cardoso is a great addition to any WNBA team. Similarly, the Bayou Barbie brings in a lot of defensive strengths that will surely help her get valuable minutes on the floor for any team. The mystery will soon be put to bed as we are only days away from the WNBA draft.

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