Cameron Brink bids farewell to her NCAA career. As heartbreaking as it sounds, the news appears to be true. Stanford, one of the tournament favorites, recently crashed out of the March Madness. A tremendous 2nd-half comeback from NC State proved to be detrimental to the Cardinals. However, the way Brink made her exit from the college basketball world was not something anyone expected.

After leaving the court during the overtime thriller victory against Iowa State, no one thought it could be repeated. But that wasn’t the case. The 2021 NCAA champions were trailing by double-digits as the game was heading towards a crushing defeat for them. With just over 8 minutes remaining on the clock, the Moda Center witnessed a demoralized Brink heading out. The Pac-12 Player of the Year had fouled out yet again. As a result, she was forced to sit out the remainder of the 4th quarter. Till that time, she registered 13 points and 9 rebounds next to her name.


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Earlier, she picked up her 3rd foul in the middle of the 3rd quarter in a fight for positioning in the paint. Following this, by the end of the quarter, she was subbed in only to pick up another foul 58 seconds later. Eventually, her final foul came with still 8:10 left in the game, which resulted in her disqualification for the rest of the game.

Soon after the incident, there was a flood of reactions on social media.

How is the world reacting to the dramatic end of Cameron Brink’s career?

This unexpected turn of events has caught the attention of some renowned basketball personalities. ESPN’s familiar face, Alexa Philippou, was quick to reflect her views. She narrated the exact moment on the court and how the opposition players were giving Brink a send-off by ‘waving her bye-bye’ after her foul out.

Besides this, popular analyst Tyler DeLuca also weighed it on the subject. He deemed Brink’s NCAA career as wild, amid the whole incident. Further, he also expressed his eagerness to see the incredible force on the WNBA court.

This fan wrote about the fact that Cameron Brink was fouled out only two times in her entire career. Additionally, he expressed how it’s a shame that her legacy will highlight how she couldn’t complete her last two games.

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Emmy-nominated Sports Director Matt Dowell was clueless on why the 6 ft 4 in forward hasn’t worked on her foul trouble. Moreover, he also pointed out that this has been an issue in her entire career!

Also, some fans chipped in with their thoughts on this unexpected event.

One of them termed it as a strategy of the Wolfpack to keep Brink out of the game.

Another one extended support towards the 2023 WBCA Defensive Player of the Year and questioned the ‘horrible’ decision-making of the officials!


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All in all, it was a mixed bag of reactions. Most of the fans are eager to watch her in the WNBA. They just wish this aspect of the game does not turn into a major disadvantage in her career. A tragic end to an overall illustrious career.


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What are your thoughts on the unusual end of Cameron Brink’s career?

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