WATCH: Cameron Brink’s Jaw-Dropping Comeback After Hurting Her Hand Midgame

Published 12/30/2023, 12:16 AM EST

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The Stanford Cardinals star, Cameron Brink has once again proved she belongs in the top 1%. The Cardinals women’s basketball team is having one of the best seasons so far and it’s all thanks to their star player, Brink. From star freshmen to veteran players, the Cardinals team is fully star-studded and has become a team that everyone is scared to play against.

In their most recent match, Brink showcased her determination and grit leaving fans and spectators in awe. 

Cameron Brink is defying the odds


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In a highly anticipated matchup between the Cardinals and the California Golden Bears, both of the teams showcased their exceptional skills and talents, but like every other sport, in basketball matches, there can be only one winner, and it was the Cardinals as they ended the match with a final score of 78-51. While this was an impressive win by the Cardinals Ladies as they won their third straight match, a moment of brilliance by Brink caught the attention of fans. 


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During the third quarter of this matchup, Cameron Brink had possession of the ball, and with her razzle-dazzle skills, she made her way to take a layup. Being one of the best players in the league, she made that layup. However, the whole stadium went silent as during the landing process, she landed on her right-hand wrist. Following this fall, Brink was seen in visible pain and decided to get subbed out, to consult with her trainer. 

While many spectators thought Brink was done for the day, she surprised everyone. With her unbreakable determination and sheer will, she taped her hand and got right back in the game. The stadium, once hushed with concern, erupted in cheers as she led the Cardinals to a flawless victory. 

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Notably, Brink is sending shockwaves in the basketball community in the ongoing 2023-24 NCAA season. 

How has she performed so far?


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The Cardinal Ladies have played twelve matches so far in the ongoing NCAA tournament, out of which they have won eleven and only lost one till now. Their impressive win-to-loss ratio serves as a testament to the team’s greatness. And the sole reason for the Cardinal’s greatness is Cameron Brink.

Currently, she is leading the program in points per game (19.2), rebounds per game (11.1), and blocks per game (3.3). 


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This is the last season of Brink’s college career before stepping into the world of WNBA, and she is making it count. As the season continues, many will be keeping their eye on Brink to witness how her story unfolds. 


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