Who’s Kim Mulkey’s Father and Why Hasn’t the LSU Coach Met Him in 37 Years?

Published 03/31/2024, 2:25 AM EDT

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Despite Kim Mulkey’s threat to sue them, The Washington Post went ahead with their most awaited “hit piece” on LSU’s head coach. The newspaper undoubtedly struck at the most sensitive spot–family. Mulkey doesn’t communicate with Tammy, her younger sister, or her father, Les Mulkey. They are not in contact, and the article begins by detailing Mulkey’s early years in Tickfaw, Louisiana, to show how their connection soured.

The story quickly turns, portraying Kim Mulkey as the estranged daughter, even though her father’s heart is fairly portrayed.

Kim Mulkey is under the radar and how?


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The Post’s narrative transports readers to Mulkey’s and her sister’s childhood when they were raised on farmland that belonged to their father. The article headlined “The Kim Mulkey way” was followed by the catchyphrase, ‘The LSU coach battles everyone, holds grudges, and keeps winning. But at what cost?’ That’s how Kent Babb’s perspective of LSU’s matriarch reads. Babb wrote, “He (Les) hasn’t spoken with his older daughter in 37 years, but same as he used to, he can slip into a gym, fade into the crowd and watch his little girl.”

“I love my babies,” Kim’s father told Babb, “I ain’t ashamed.”

The “hit piece” detailed why the Mulkey family’s relationship deteriorated. Tammy shared that there was a fight years ago, but she won’t specify what went wrong. Though, Tammy believes reconnecting, “One day. I’m hoping.”

The article reveals that Les’ “infidelity” might’ve affected his relationship with Kim and Tammy’s mother throughout their early years. After which their parents eventually divorced and Les married a younger lady. Later, in 1987, during Kim’s wedding, she told her dad he could come along with his new wife, but they would be seated in the back, away from the family. Les agreed. But Kim was unable to put their disagreements behind them and ended up walking herself down the aisle. They haven’t spoken since, which is 37 years!

The profile notes the recent deaths of Les’s friends. Kim Mulkey’s father also mentioned that when it’s time for him to face death, he’d be alone and surrounded by accomplishments but not by people.

A critical analyst may find the story content overly processed in its attempt to highlight the writer’s opinion to scrutinize Kim. It turns out that March Madness doesn’t stop inside the arena, leaving many arguing that a week ago she asked for it, didn’t she?

What provoked the Washington Post


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It all started when Kim Mulkey lashed out at the Washington Post and reporters in general for four minutes during a press conference on Saturday. Mulkey claimed that the unnamed writer for the Post has been working on the story for the past two years and has spoken with several former players and coaches. “I’ve hired the best defamation law firm in the country, and I will sue The Washington Post if they publish a false story about me,” Mulkey stated.

USA Today via Reuters

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Now, even though the father-daughter duo aren’t in contact, 86-year-old Les continues to secretly visit Kim. Now and then, he makes the trip to Baton Rouge where he sneaks into the rear of the Pete Maravich Assembly Center at LSU to watch his daughter without her noticing. Another heartbreaking story uncovers amid professional spur, which continues to unfold new layers of the famous Kim Mulkey.


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