WATCH: Bronny James’ Smooth Jump Shot May Foreshadow Success for the 16-Year-Old

February 23, 2021 1:00 am

Children of famous NBA players are always under pressure to emulate their parents. While some of them succumb to this pressure, LeBron James’ 16-year-old son Bronny James is doing an excellent job in his journey so far.

He is one of the most talented high schoolers in the country and is grinding his way to the top. While his father is more of a slasher and doesn’t have the most attractive jump shots, Bronny is much different. He has one of the smoothest jump shots and looks like a natural shooter.

When SLAM! posted a video of his jump shot in slow motion, many people were impressed. LeBron himself was happy as well, as he reposted the post on his Instagram story and wrote, “That’s a fact for sure!! Sniper”

When LeBron gave his verdict on Bronny James’ jump shot

Back in 2019, ESPN analyst Paul Biancardi said, “I hope LeBron is not going to get mad at me, but I think Bronny’s jump shot is a little bit better …”

Luckily for Biancardi, LeBron was far from being annoyed at the comment. Instead, he agreed, and replied to the tweet saying, “Can’t ever be mad at the facts!!! Flame thrower he has!”

Unlike his father, Bronny has a pure jump shot, and that is promising. It resembles Michael Jordan’s jumpshot, but without the huge leap that Jordan took while shooting.

If Bronny can be half the athlete that his father is, that will be a deadly skill combo, once developed, and he will be one of the most exciting players to watch.

The most important thing for Bronny as he grows older will be to avoid comparisons and unrealistic targets set by the media and fans. If he is able to concentrate on his own development, like he already has, he has the skillset to become a young star.

He already made a great decision by choosing Sierra Canyon. Although he might not be the first choice there, he is playing behind the best players in the country. That will help him do his best to fight for his place, and eventually mold him into a solid player.

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Aaron Mathew

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