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Netflix Announces Documentary Series on Naomi Osaka

Netflix Announces Documentary Series on Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka will soon be coming up on your screens. And not just in tennis matches, but on Netflix too. The streaming giants have green lit a docuseries around the life of the tennis superstar.

A Grand Slam champion and a sensation from a very young age, Osaka certainly has a lot to share already. Still just 22, Naomi has 5 titles and two of them are Majors. She also held the No. 1 spot for some time in 2019.

A peek into the life of Naomi Osaka

The current World No. 10 is just as interesting off the court as she is on it. Born in Japan, Naomi immigrated to the United States of America at a young age. An interesting blend of Japanese and American culture.

The documentary will cover a healthy length of her journey. Starting from the 2019 US Open event, it will capture Naomi’s path through all the Grand Slams and to this years Olympics. Incidentally, it’s the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

In 2019, Osaka opted to represent Japan in the 2020 Olympics, and hence, had to give up her American citizenship in accordance to Japanese law. The documentary will cover and highlight the work that goes into making the tennis player in her. It will give fans a glimpse into the tribulations and diligence that is put in through training.

“To be able to tell my story and let people in during this big year, working with a team that really understands me, has been a rewarding experience,” said Osaka. “It won’t look like a traditional sports documentary, and I’m so excited to share it with everyone.”

“It won’t look like a traditional sports documentary.” Oh I do not doubt that for a second.

Osaka is a unique personality on the WTA Tour. She has long banished myths that champions cannot be emotional. She has proudly displayed a range of emotions throughout her budding career. It has been a treat to watch her short young career. And it will be a treat to see the mechanism behind it all.

What could be more interesting than a peek inside the psyche of this fierce competitor? Perhaps now we could all take a leaf out of her book after this.

Sadly though, Netflix is yet to announce a release date. So, until then, let’s just enjoy watching Naomi play tennis.

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