Netflix France Leaks Release Date of Netflix Drive to Survive Season 2

By 8 months ago

As if F1 fans could not get any more excited, they have been given another reason to be delighted. According to a tweet from Netflix France, season 2 of Formula One: Drive to Survive will drop on the 28th of February. Already, the buzz is building for a new season and there were a lot of juicy moments from the 2019 season.

The debut season of Formula One: Drive to Survive dropped last year with a huge reception and excitement. The show actually provided a proper behind-the-scenes and fly on the wall perspective into the world of Formula One. 2018 had a fair number of moments that were covered, like the rise of Charles Leclerc, the Red Bull-Renault war, the intra-Red Bull rivalry and so much more.

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Even better, the new season will also feature Scuderia Ferrari and Mercedes AMG F1 for the very first time. Last year, the two F1 giants were too embroiled in the championship battle. This time however, they are far more relaxed, though reigning champion, Lewis Hamilton wanted to place some restrictions on the camera crew.

In the 2019 season, several fans will be eager to see the real story behind some key moments of the 2019 Formula One season. The Netflix documentary offers a platform to actually dive deep and sift through those moments. In reality, the real feelings and emotions will be masked by the PR smiles and and politically correct statements.

Formula One: Drive to Survive erases all the masks and provides the meat, uncensored for the viewers to see. If the reception to the maiden season was anything to go by, Season 2 will see the viewership go through the roof. So far, the ‘leaked’ release date is the only information provided to the fans. However, F1 enthusiasts will also be delighted to binge-watch the first season again, along with a new documentary about the Formula 2 season.

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