“Never Knew What the Atmosphere Was Like” – Naomi Osaka on Her First NBA Experience Watching the Clippers

July 31, 2020 6:52 pm

One of Asia’s best players Naomi Osaka has been one of the best players in the past two years. She became the first Asian to become World No.1. When she was three her family moved to the US and so she has been playing tennis and a little bit of basketball and watching the NBA.

The NBA is one of the most-watched leagues in the World. And it is very popular in the US. Due to the pandemic like every sport even basketball had to stop. But now since stopping on March 11 the NBA restarted yesterday.

“I attended my first NBA game like five years ago” – Naomi Osaka

In a recent interview with NBA side Washington Wizards, Naomi Osaka talked about basketball and its influence in her childhood. She also spoke about the NBA and when she started following it. She mentions that she attended her first NBA game five years ago and Los Angeles Clippers were playing.

“I think I attended my first NBA game like five years ago. And it was Clippers but I’m not sure who they were playing and for me, it was really fun because growing up I just watched NBA finals on TV but I never knew what the atmosphere was like. So I follow the Wizards now for obvious reasons and I think it’s really how everybody is rallying behind them and everyone is trying harder.” Osaka said

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Osaka says she never played basketball in a team. And she played it off training with her father. But admits she wasn’t good at it.

“I played basketball a little bit when I was younger. Not officially on a team, just on a public basketball court because my dad used to play and he thought it would be fun off-training, I guess. But I wasn’t really good at it at all.” she said

Osaka is a Washington Wizards fan. And takes a keen interest in following them. She will now be looking to have a good restart to her 2020 season as tennis nears resumption.

Source: Youtube: Washington Wizards

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