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New 360 Degree Footage of Alonso Crash Emerges

New 360 Degree Footage of Alonso Crash Emerges


Formula 1 have released breath-taking new footage of the Fernando Alonso crash. This new footage can be seen from Sauber driver, Charles Leclerc’s 360 degree camera.

For the uninitiated, Renault’s Nico Hulkenberg misjudged his braking point by a country mile. Fortunately and unfortunately, Fernando Alonso acted a a makeshift brake, in the mad dash to La Source at the start of the Belgian Grand Prix. The impact sent Alonso airborne, giving him a sense of dejavu. It almost seemed like a repeat of what he experienced back in the 2012 Belgian GP.

The Spaniard somersaulted over the Sauber of Charles Leclerc, just missing his head. The Monegasque driver was thanking his lucky stars that the Halo cockpit safety device did its job. As a result, the once criticised device received widespread praise from saving the 20-year-old from serious injury.

The broadcasters have done a great job of providing viewers with almost every angle of the huge crash. However, the most astonishing of all was the one that F1 recently made public. Namely, Charles Leclerc’s 360° cockpit camera.

FIA director Charlie Whiting has admitted that it was “speculative” to suggest that the Halo played a huge role in keeping Leclerc safe. However, it was clear that the consequences could have been far more serious if the HALO had not been there.

Alonso, Hulkenberg and LeClerc weren’t the only ones involved though. Air Alonso’s front wing wrecked Daniel Ricciardo’s rear wing, pushing him into Kimi Raikkonen. This resulted in the Finn getting a puncture, with both drivers later retiring.

All 3 drivers escaped unscathed, albeit a little shaken up from the impact. Upon investigation, Nico Hulkenberg confessed to having instigated the incident. Now, the German driver will be dropping 10 grid positions from wherever he qualifies in Monza. In addition to that, he will also have 3 penalty points added to his license.

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