New Among Us Doctor Mod Takes the Game Up a Notch

December 23, 2020 6:10 pm

Based on the popular party game ‘Mafia/Werewolf’, Among Us has risen to huge popularity during the trying times of the current pandemic situation. With its rise to the top came the onset of a variety of mods for this 2018 title. The community has been making countless mods for the game, introducing new characters and assorted rules for it.

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Some have been recreating modes from other multiplayer titles, for example, the popular YouTuber SSundee played an Among Us mod that works like the Prop Hunt mode from the Call of Duty titles. Frankly, it was pretty interesting.

Recently, another popular YouTuber Sockfor1 made a video where he played a mod that introduced the character of a doctor into the game. This is one of the most interesting mods we have seen of the game.

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The Among Us doctor mod takes the investigative aspect of the game up a notch

This mod has the character of a doctor in the game who spawns on the crewmates’ side. He has the ability to revive crewmates. Note that the doctor can only revive crewmates if he is standing close to the body. Also, the doctor has no immunity against the impostor whatsoever. So, expect imposters to target the doctor before moving onto the rest of the crewmates.

However, there is a catch. After the doctor revives the player, he/she cannot rat out the impostor to the other crewmates. Other than that, standard gameplay rules apply to the revived player, so they can rat the impostor out if the player actually sees him/her killing someone.

But there’s another twist. Impostors can dress up like the doctor and act the part in order to fool crewmates. Talk about making things more complicated, huh? But this is exactly what makes the game more fun!

Once in the mod, you will find that the new rules are pretty simple. It is the absolute chaos that will unfold during the gameplay that has secured this mod a special place in our hearts.

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