New Among Us Mod That Can Morph You Into Any Crewmate

February 14, 2021 10:37 pm

In the world of entertainment, there a lot of shows that show the killers assuming the life of their victims and live unsuspectingly for a long time. What if Among Us imposters could do that and stay safe from the consequences? Look no further, because two popular YouTubers from the genre have shown how it works and it is hilarious.

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The Among Us Consume Bodies mod

Sub & Fletch, the popular Among Us YouTuber and programmers, developed a new mod called the Consume Bodies mod. The way the mod works is that imposters can change into the avatar of their victims whenever they want. To change into a player’s avatar, the impostor has to kill the crewmate.

After the imposter kills a crewmate, they have to eat the dead body of the crewmate if they want to morph into them. In order to turn into the other player, imposters can use the morph button that changes their avatar into the eaten body. Imposters can multiple dead bodies and morph into these bodies as many times as they want.

Source: Sub & Fletch

The various Sub & Fletch mods

Ever since the modding craze for the game began in late 2020, it has had a massive boost to the experience while playing it. Players can play various alternative methods to the plain mode with such ease, even without official modding support. Many of the modes that arrive become very popular and can rival the original game mode which has just imposters and crewmates. Such mods include Proximity mod, Ninja mod, etc.

In front of this modding craze is popular Among Us YouTuber duo Sub & Fletch, who create many of the custom mods themselves. They have been ahead of the curve with many unique mods that are interesting and funny. The duo have released many fun custom mods that include ones like the Giant mod that make them the Hulk. They also created the 1000 Imposter Sabotage mod that caused mass havoc in the lobby with a lot of Imposters.

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