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New England Patriots Safety Patrick Chung Accused of Drug Possession

New England Patriots Safety Patrick Chung Accused of Drug Possession

In a big blow for the New England Patriots, safety Patrick Chung was indicted for cocaine possession. According to court records, ”Chung didn’t have under his hands a number of the regulated medication reform”.

Law enforcement investigators, Livernois revealed that Chung was not detained at the time. However, it later transpired that prosecutors hunted for an indictment against the Jamaican.

Officially speaking the 32-year old will be arraigned on the 28th of August at Belknap County Superior Court at Laconia.

On Twitter the Patriots confirmed that they are aware of the situation surrounding Patrick Chung. However, they have elected to distance themselves and not comment on his predicament.

An NFL announcement said, “We’ll track improvements in the police matter.”

Chung has played in two different Super Bowls and possessed 10 3 tackles in 2-2 career playoff matches.

However, with this Damocles sword hanging over him, the question is, who will replace him. If Chung is convicted or confesses to breaching the law, he could face a 4-game suspension. This will be in accordance with the NFL’s substance abuse policy. The penalty will be applied either this year or next year based on how soon the case comes to a conclusion.

To make matters even worse, Chung has not fully recovered from a recent surgery. So, there are chances that the New England Patriots may turn to Terrence Brooks instead.

Brooks received extensive first-team repetitions while Chung recovered from his injury. The 27-year old has the potential to be a vessel safety, who can proceed well and reach hard. So far, Brooks has played in the pre season games, allowing two grabs on four goals for 25 yards having a pass split in 2 matches.

Initially, Brooks was not slated to be a defensive contributor when he first signed for the Patriots in March. He spent his livelihood for a heart special teams player, however it really seems as if the Patriots have bigger plans for this year.

Those designs seemed to be focused on his own training camp usage. Beyond Brooks, a few of the Patriots cornerbacks could also help in alleviating Chung’s absence.

This could also throw the door wide open for the Patriots 2018 second-round pick Duke Dawson. Additionally, it likely will suggest playing time for Jonathan Jones.

Chung is a powerful safety/linebacker/slot cornerback/backup punt returner/special-teamer/scout-team running-back. To his knowledge at least, no additional player within the league may claim to be as talented as he is. However, the Patriots are installed in Chung’s key role if he’s forced to miss time after his indictment.

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