New Fortnite Update Gives Clues About the Season Finale

February 17, 2021 11:14 pm

In update v15.40, Fortnite has secretly added various new messages to characters that might give hints about the season finale of Season 5. The season ends somewhere around March 15, so the game has already reached its endgame for the season. Various NPCs on the map have given their final warning on the impending doom that will arrive in the finale.

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Fortnite has new secret messages from characters about the impending doom

The first fresh change happens to Bunker Jonesy. The character has been one of the more important NPCs in the season, helping us understand the storyline of Season 5. He has been giving hints about all the events, including the plans of the IO Guards. With the update, the character has received a new dialogue that warns players about the last event.

“Here it comes. Don’t say I didn’t warn you”

Players suspect that Bunker Jonesy has some news about the last event of the season that could cause major catastrophes. In fact, if a player uses the Devourer skin while talking to Bunker Jonesy, he gives a specific message to the player.

“I thought you’d be bigger”

This is an obvious nod to the character that inspired the skin. The skin gained its inspiration from the Polar Peak monster that remained under the Polar Peak castle. It finally came out in Season 8 and fought the Giant Robot with the Robot winning the fight. Players suspect the beast could return for another battle or it could have some link with the Zero Point Orb.

Deadfire, The Sheriff has something to say

Deadfire, the Sheriff stays at the Sheriff’s cabin. The holographic law enforcement agent has dialogues similar to that of Bunker Jonesy. With the new update, the character also gained a new dialogue about the season’s biggest question.

Mysterious things have been happening ’round these parts.

Many players believe that as Deadfire is the nearest character to the Zero Point Orb, he might be warning about it. The character has talked about the Orb the entire season, and he might warn about something only he has seen. It would be fun to see how the season progresses to the impending finale on March 15, but Epic Games has something huge in store.

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