New maniacal avatar of Sunil Narine in this Vivo IPL 10

May 10, 2017 4:02 pm

Sunil Narine, the spellbinding West Indian spinner of Kolkata Knight Riders, this year left every one aghast with his batting exhibition. The uncanny experiment of KKR skipper Gautam Gambhir by allowing Narine to bat up the order had turned out to be real carnage for the adversaries in this IPL edition.

Initially such an approach of letting Narine open the innings was made its way to the ground only because of the sudden injury of KKR’s first choice opener Chris Lynn. In lieu of Lynn’s opening blitz, KKR management gambled Narine’s batting faculties to match up the eradication previously shown by Lynn. Such gambling appeared to be the best opening alternative for KKR with the batting display by 29 year old West Indian (214 runs in 12 innings so far as an opener) as Gambhir’s approach has always been dominating the adversaries upfront.

As a batsman, Narine showed up enough of his potential to be counted as the most destructive opener in the Power play overs of the game. In the last two game of KKR with RCB and KXIP, Narine definitely has been cropped up as a classical smacker for his side. Especially the way he clobbered RCB’s front line bowling attacks one by one, majorly the hat-trick of sixes off the bowling of the star RCB spinner Samuel Badree and the shower of boundaries in Sreenath Aravind’s over landed him up to the new record of joint-fastest fifty in IPL history. In yesterday’s game against Punjab he also triggered his maniacal gear of destruction to Sandeep Sharma with two back to back boundaries.

He is not that southpaw who simply goes out and starts swinging his bat like a samurai warrior. Unlike a pinch hitter, this left-hand batsman invests a lot of thought behind his innings. His approach is quite simple, he chooses his spot, backs himself and swings without any hesitation. His muscle power, along with the ‘no holding back’ attitude, assure that on most of the occasions the ball clears the thirty-yard circle.

Impeccably targeting areas:

Sunil Narine showed his mere expertise on targeting vacant areas in the field and once he gets done with this hunt he begins smacking the ball hard being irrespective of the position of where does it really pitch up. As he already concluded his hunt of vacant area so if in any case he does misplace the ball he saves himself from being caught.

There is an old saying, ‘the safest place to hit a cricket ball is over the bowler’s head’ and Narine seemed to have taken heed of these words. So far he hit nine sixes and all these sixes have been scored in the arc between long on and long off. As we all know in order to cultivate the risk of being caught, batsman should play shots with straight bat. Narine seems to be doing exactly the same as he always prefers going straight with immense power and he mostly gets success with this strategy of his.

Intrepid attitude:

Fear has always been the issue of ambiguity in batsmen’s mind while approaching big shots as being dismissed often ended up with mind squeezing regrets for batsmen. But in this case Narine seems to act contrary to that mindset of batsmen as he seldom cooks fear in his mind before going big. This is what kind of help him emerge as the most talked about batsman in this IPL with his eradicable approach towards the adversary’s bowling attacks.

Backing the massive blow given to the RCB by Narine, KKR already undisputed their corrosive opening partner who can nicely resonate with the tone of Chris Linn’s trenchant blitzkrieg. Having such incisive opening pair makes KKR stronger than their adversaries which led other teams to come up big to fend off the bloodshed.

Ranojoy Middya

Belonging to the cohort of cricket fanatics, Ranojoy Middya is an assiduous cricketer who aspires to live life in purview of the cricketing world; penning his line of thinking at present and living up to it in the near future.

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