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New York Giants’ Golden Tate Suspended for Four Months

New York Giants’ Golden Tate Suspended for Four Months

Golden Tate

New York Giants’ wide receiver Golden Tate is confirmed to receive a four month suspension from NFL for consuming a banned drug.

Though he will be allowed to participate in all preseason practices and games, Tate will miss games against Dallas, Buffalo, Tampa Bay and Washington.

After the suspension was announced on July 27, Tate released a statement stating the failed test was linked to fertility drugs, that he had consumed without knowledge of it containing a banned substance.

“This past April, during the off-season, my wife and I decided to see a specialist for fertility planning,” the statement began. “I started the treatment prescribed to me and just days later I discovered it contained an ingredient on the league’s banned substance list. I immediately discontinued use, I reported the situation to the Independent Administrator of the NFL Policy on Performance-Enhancing Substances, and I spoke with my coaches and general manager. I did all of this well before a failed test was even confirmed.”

In the statement, Tate seemed confident of lifting the ban during appeal.

“Per NFL protocol, an initial suspension was imminent, but myself and the giants organisation are confident in the facts, and eagerly await my appeal to put this behind us.”

But Tate’s appeal, which was heard on Tuesday, was turned down by the NFL.

Tate, in utter disappointment condemned NFL of having a ‘no tolerance policy’, which he wished would change in time so that his situation will not be faced by other players.

“This morning, I received the unfortunate news that my appeal was denied,” Tate said in a statement Tuesday. “I went into this arbitration with the understanding that due to the facts, unlike many other cases, we could be the exception to win. Unfortunately the NFL stood by their no tolerance policy, which I hope one day to help have a part in reforming, so no other player has to go through this situation.”

The 31-year old wide receiver has been playing in the NFL for almost 10 years now, starting with Seattle Seahawks, who had picked him in the second round of the 2010 NFL Draft. After playing three seasons, he came to Detroit Lions where he played for four more seasons before joining Philadelphia Eagles.

Earlier this year, the New York Giants traded him in, where he is reported to have signed a $ 37.5 million contract for four years.

With the suspension upheld against Tate, the Giants will have to manage without their new inclusion. The Giants though have a quite a few options to field as a wide receiver with the likes of Bennie Fowler, Russel Shephard and another new inclusion TJ Jones.

Giants will also be looking at an exciting youngster Darius Slayton, who has come back to training after a hamstring injury. He has won the coach Pat Shurmur’s accolades and should be on the field in near future, though Shurmur might not risk him in the Friday’s match

“He’s a fine receiver,” Shurmur was quoted as saying about Slayton. “He has speed, obviously. Through the OTAs and the time he was on the practice field, he displayed the ability to go down the field and make a catch. We anticipate that he’s going to have a bright future. He just needs to get out there.”

“We’ll have to reassess as we go here,” Shurmur said. “He had another good day in practice. Each day, he looks a little bit faster out there. We’ll just have to see.”

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