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Knicks Richer than the Lakers & the Warriors in the List the Highest Valued Franchises in NBA

Knicks Richer than the Lakers & the Warriors in the List the Highest Valued Franchises in NBA

New York Knicks are named the richest club in NBA- richer than franchises like Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors.

Forbes created a list wherein it valued the franchises in the NBA. They valued the Knicks at $ 4.6 billion, followed by the Lakers $4.4 billion and the Warriors at $ 4.3 billion.

Chicago Bulls ($3.2 billion), Boston Celtics ($3.1 billion), Los Angeles Clippers ($2.6 billion), Brooklyn Nets ($2.5 billion), Houston Rockets ($2.475 billion), Dallas Mavericks ($2.4 billion) and Toronto Raptors($2.1 billion) complete the top ten richest franchises in NBA.

Forbes estimated the average value of an NBA club as just over $2 billion after valuating all the 30 franchises.

Los Angeles Lakers on top of West; New York Knicks nowhere near the top

Although the New York Knicks have shown a significant market value, their performance in the league hasn’t been on the same level. It has been a trend for the Knicks. They have always had a notable market presence but not so much in the league standings. The Knicks are currently 13th in the Eastern Conference with a win-loss record of 17-37. They look like getting through another season without making it to the playoffs.

The third-placed Warriors in terms of net worth are also near the bottom of the league table. Their market presence, however, is not surprising with the kind of teams they have produced in the past decade. They have won the Championship in two of the last three seasons. Players moving away on trade combined with injuries has led to poor 2019-20 season for them. They are currently at the bottom of the Western Conference with just 12 wins after 54 games.

Anthony Davis & LeBron James playing for Los Angeles Lakers
Anthony Davis & LeBron James

Meanwhile, the Lakers are sitting on top of the Western Conference and are among the best teams in the league. Their 0.769 record is bettered only by Milwaukee Bucks. With players like LeBron James and Anthony Davis in the lineup, the Lakers would definitely have a good market presence.


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