“I’ll Get Back to it Real Soon”: Isaiah Thomas Confident of Reviving His NBA Career

March 16, 2020 10:26 am

Currently a free agent, Isaiah Thomas is confident of getting another shot in the NBA.

Thomas, 31, started the 2019/20 season with Washington Wizards. He made 40 appearances for them before the Wizards traded him. The two-time All-Star’s per game statistics of 12.2 points, 1.7 rebounds, and 3.7 assists are significantly lesser than his career numbers. As a part of the Marcus Morris trade deal, Thomas saw himself move to Los Angeles Clippers. However, his stay in Los Angeles was no longer than two days. The Clippers, who have a decent roster depth, waived Thomas after just two days of his arrival.

After not getting a place in the NBA this season, not many people would believe in the revival of his NBA career. However, the 31-year old does not see any reason why he cannot.

When a random fan on Twitter asked Thomas whether he would go overseas should he not get another shot in the NBA, he replied: “Why wouldn’t I get another shot tho? I started 40 games this season got thrown in a trade to make it work to a team that didn’t want me. Nothing more nothing less. All you need is ONE team to want you. I’ll get back to it real soon.”

Isaiah Thomas is 31 and might have a few years of NBA career left

Although his numbers are dropping, the experience of Thomas might be of use for a few NBA teams. Starting his career in 2011 with Sacramento Kings in 2011, Thomas went on to play for six more teams. An experienced Thomas might add to the roster depth of any team that needs when the new season starts.

Like Thomas believed, “All you need is ONE team to want you.”

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