NBA Should Declare Los Angeles Lakers as Champions if the League is Cancelled, Believes Former Player

By 3 months ago

Former Los Angeles Lakers player Mychal Thompson believes the Lakers should be declared the winners of the NBA this season it the league gets canceled.

The league is currently suspended as a safety measure against the coronavirus pandemic. Since its suspension, many have been fearing its cancellation. If the league doesn’t resume, teams will be disappointed for not getting an opportunity to go for the Championship. There shall be no winner for the 2019-20 season.

However, Thompson believed that the NBA must declare the Lakers as winners they cancel the league. In a tweet where he wrote that the Lakers should be the winners, he also had an explanation to it. Thompson believed that the Lakers are the best sports organization and “greatest” modern NBA history. Moreover, he felt that being on top of the Western Conference was more difficult as compared to the Eastern Conference.

Los Angeles Lakers would be disappointed if the NBA cancels the league

If the NBA does cancel the league, it would be extremely tough on teams that had a realistic chance of winning the league. Among a few teams, the Lakers stand out as potential Champions this season along with Milwaukee Bucks.

For Lakers, the last few years have been about bringing their glory days back. After signing superstar LeBron James last season, the Lakers have made another major signing- Anthony Davis– prior to the start of this season.

With James and Davis on their back, the Lakers have looked like a team of Championship pedigree. However, if the league does not resume, the Lakers will have to keep waiting for their Championship dream. Moreover, their star man James is already 35 and isn’t getting any younger. This season was one of the best chances for the Lakers to win the Championship in years and they will have to wait further if the NBA cancels the league.

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