Neymar Gives a Spectacular Response to the Jeering Crowd against Strasbourg

September 15, 2019 3:48 pm

After a torrid pre-season with PSG, Neymar finally came out to play football, and immediately started coming in the news for more correct reasons. He scored a spectacular bicycle kick against Starsbourg in the final minute to seal three points for the French giants.

Though the timing of the goal is indeed special, what makes the goal more special is Neymar scored the stunner after incessant jeering and boos from the crowd for the duration of the match.

The constant booing and whistling against the Brazilian made even PSG coach Thomas Tuchel to talk about it.

“It was not easy because he is a sensitive guy, but he did well,” Tuchel was quoted as saying to a news conference.

“That’s the life, it’s not easy for the fans too during the transfer market. That’s why we have to accept their behaviour. I don’t want to judge their behaviour, it’s like that. It was not easy.

“He can play better, with more dribbling and more runs. He needs several games in order to find the right rhythm and his physical abilities to make our game faster with his sprints.

“He has the quality to decide the destiny of a game. I am happy he showed that in the last minute.”

Talking about his situation to the ESPN, Neymar had said that he would be playing every home match as if it were an away match.

“I knew this would probably be tough. If they want to yell at me, they are free to,” he said. “They should not focus on me, though. The most important thing is the team. From now on, I will be playing every home match as if it is away.”

At least his first home match did seem like an away match.

Before the start of the season, it became evident that Neymar no longer wanted to stay in Paris. It was widely reported that Barcelona made heavy attempts to bring the Brazilian back to Barca. The Catalans however, failed to sign him, and he had to continue at PSG.

Neymar quoted personal reasons when asked why he wanted to leave the club.

“For personal reasons. It was nothing against PSG. When you do not feel good in a job, you look to change. It was a personal reason, I had my reason, and I wanted to leave. I did my best, but unfortunately they did not. I will not go into details about it. This is the last time I will talk about it.

He then added with a laugh, “They booed me the whole game and then were forced to celebrate my goal.”

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