Neymar Jr at Real Madrid?

November 10, 2017 4:50 pm

Shortly after he moved from Barcelona to PSG for what was the highest transfer fee in football history, rumours already surround Neymar Jr. Allegedly, Real Madrid are highly interested in his services and Neymar did not deny the possibility of such a move, even though that would mean total hatred from Barcelona fans.

Neymar Jr

Neymar on the move

Less than six months after his move to PSG, Neymar Jr seems to be on the lookout for another sensational move. His Ligue 1 so far consists of 11 goals, a red card and a very unusual stand-off with a team-mate. But the Brazilian and his father and manager are already considering another shocking move, one paved with hundreds of millions of euros. Clearly not content after the move to France, Neymar’s return to Spain seems like a great idea and where else would he go than Real Madrid. This could be a great chance for Los Blancos as, even for a huge club like Real Madrid, stealing him directly from live-long rivals Barcelona seemed a bit too much. But this small detour to PSG is exactly what Real and Neymar needed to perfect what can become the biggest transfer in football history.

Sergio Ramos seems to like the idea

The captain of Los Blancos, Sergio Ramos, is confident that such a deal could take place as he declared that he personally likes to have the best and it is more than clear that Neymar is one of the best players in the world right now. He added that it is possible that the move to PSG was Neymar’s way of making it easier for him to come to Real Madrid, rather than directly shifting sides between the two rivals. Apparently, Ramos is a friend of the Brazilian and said he is ready to welcome him to the club with open hands, especially because of their good relationship. But Sergio Ramos is not the only Real Madrid players that seems such a move is highly possible and even recommended. Marcelo, Neymar’s colleague at the Brazilian national team spoke with the management and let them know that Neymar is not quite pleased in Paris and especially with Unai Emery’s training schedule and tactical lectures.

Real Madrid flag

Will Neymar Jr do it?

The fact that Neymar does not really care what ex-bosses or the media think is clear after his surprise departure from Barcelona without a heads-up, on the last day of the transfer window. But a move to Real Madrid might be too bold even for the non-conformist that is Neymar. But considering his ambitions, and more important, the ambitions of his father, this could be the perfect move for the duo in their race to totally take over the football world. He did not say anything about the rumours that are already whistling in the media, however, judging by the way he left Barcelona, it wouldn’t be a wonder to see him jump boat from PSG to Real in a similar manner. Just as well, Real Madrid’s bosses refused to comment on the subject and all this secrecy makes everyone think that this just might be the calm before the storm.

And from this perspective, what is Cristiano Ronaldo’s saying in all of this? Well, to be honest, the Portuguese star is clearly approaching the end of his brilliant career and might not be upset at all to leave the stage for the younger Brazilian star. Even so, it’s hard for everyone to picture a Real Madrid without Ronaldo in the starting eleven. But just as other huge glories of Real Madrid like Raul did before him, his time in the spotlight has to come to an end eventually.

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