“If [Patrick Mahomes] Is Michael Jordan, Who Are You?”: Andy Reid Faces Tough Questions Amidst Big NFL-NBA Comparison

Published 02/27/2024, 10:04 PM EST

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Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid hopped on in an interview with CBS Sports and spoke about their Super Bowl success. The conversation about the Super Bowl win has drawn exciting comparisons. After the Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes got compared to NBA icon Michael Jordan on the show the question arose, who can Reid be compared to?

People are already comparing Patrick Mahomes to legends like Tom Brady and Joe Montana. That’s after he clinched his third Lombardi Trophy against the San Francisco 49ers. Many of us know how instrumental Andy Reid’s offense and the Chiefs’ defense have been in winning the Lombardi. However, those comparisons are strictly not limited to the NFL; they go way beyond.

Who does Andy Reid compare to in NBA?


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The conversation began with a simple question when the narrator asked Reid, “Is Mahomes Michael Jordan?” But every Michael Jordan needs a Scottie Pippen, but Andy Reid is not a player. He is a coach, and to compare him with legends, the hosts pulled a name from the pages of time.

“Is he Michael Jordan? Well, he is Michael Jordan, I’ll say it for you. But who are you? That’s what I want to know. If he’s Michael Jordan, who are you?” asked the other reporter.


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Reid candidly replied, “I’m Andy.” Considering his nickname, Big Red, the show’s host compared him to Red Auerbach, one of the greatest coaches ever to grace the NBA. The host said, “You are Red Auerbach, maybe that’s who you are.”

Red Auerbach had 16 championship rings in 29 years. To his credit, the Boston Celtics became known as one of the most successful teams in NBA history under his tenure. As for Mahomes being compared to Michael Jordan, well this isn’t the first incidence.

Earlier this year Dick Vitale, a legend in college basketball, wrote in his Facebook post, “Just thinking out loud is Patrick Mahomes heading to be the Michael Jordan of the National Football League.” His assessment came after led the Chiefs to their fourth Super Bowl in five years with a win in the AFC Championship against the Baltimore Ravens.

Winning a Super Bowl is challenging, and Andy Reid has repeatedly shown why he is one of the most revered coaches in the league and will likely be a Hall of Famer when he steps away.


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Andy Reid to the HOF?

Now that the Chiefs have won back-to-back Super Bowl Championships, Reid might be inducted into the HOF after he leaves the league. But that will take about a decade to come true. So why is Andy Reid compared to Red Auerbach? It may be because Reid has been coaching the Chiefs for 11 years and has won three Super Bowl Championships while losing one to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


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The Chief’s multiple divisional titles and post-season appearances have proven Reid to be a solid coaching figure for the Chiefs. Not to mention how the Chiefs severely lack in the wide receiver area, and despite that, they won the SB with just their defense and strong plays from the Mahomes-Travis Kelce duo.


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