Aaron Rodgers’ Biographer Comments On Robert Kraft’s ‘Petty Side’ as Patriots’ Owner “Wants to Be Loved”

Published 02/29/2024, 6:19 AM EST

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Should Robert Kraft be a Hall of Famer? Many people would think so, but surprisingly, he’s nowhere near getting inducted into the HOF. And that’s after winning multiple Super Bowl titles and establishing the New England Patriots as a dynasty. Ian O’Connor, who recently announced the upcoming book, Out of the Darkness: The Mystery of Aaron Rogers, came forward with a rather twisted opinion on the subject. 

The 4x NYT bestselling author Ian O’Connor appeared on The Colin Cowherd Podcast and compared Kraft with Jerry Jones, detailing what Robert Kraft feels about the Gold Jacket. 

The conversation began when the two started discussing why Robert Kraft is not a Hall of Famer yet. Then Cowherd pointed out an interesting statement and wanted to know O’Connor’s take on it. The host brought up Bill Simmons’ post when he said, “The pettiness by the Krafts has no ceiling.” Cowherd wanted to know what O’Connor thought about Kraft’s “pettiness.”


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“They can be [petty]. I know that Robert Kraft wants to be loved more than anyone I think I’ve ever met. He loves to be loved and he wants to be in the Hall of Fame. And frankly, I really, this really bothers him. I’m not sure how Jerry Jones is in the Hall of Fame ahead of him and Jones hasn’t won anything in decades,” said O’Connor in response to Cowherd’s claims.

O’Connor is also known for profiling big names like Bill Belichick, Arnold Palmer, and Derek Jeter in his past work. Speaking of Belichick, O’Connor feels that hiring and managing Bill Belichick was a tough decision, and Kraft finessed the situation and won a couple of Super Bowls along the way. He mentioned how not many owners could have pulled off the feat that Kraft achieved.

Did Robert Kraft take a chance with Bill Belichick?

Ian O’Connor also opened up that Belichick wouldn’t even greet Kraft in the hallway at one point. Dealing with these sorts of things and hiring Bill Belichick is the reason why Kraft deserves some credit in the first place. Not to mention his decision-making at the time of hiring Tom Brady. All these steps lead to the Pats being known as a “dynasty.”


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Ari Meirov posted something on X that gives a better idea about Robert Kraft. There was an NFLPA survey in which the team owners were graded, just like back in school or college. The Dolphins and the Vikings owners hold the A+ grade, while Robert Kraft is graded D+ by the NFL. However, these ratings might pertain to the present time and might not consider Kraft’s legacy.


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