Did you know Patrick Mahomes is the youngest player to win both a league MVP and a Super Bowl? Not to mention, he’s also won the Super Bowl MVP title. But he could be one of the youngest to have all three MVP titles: league MVP, Super Bowl MVP, and MVP Dad. It’s safe to say he’s been busy ever since he burst into the NFL scene in 2017. And it’s been equally busy at home. But is it about to get busier?

Well, if his admission on the July 3 episode of the Riggle’s Picks podcast is anything to go by, Mahomes may have just revealed his family plans! The 28-year-old may not have directly addressed one of the most asked questions, but he sure implied the answer. Will Patrick and Brittany Mahomes expand their family in the coming years?

The Mahomes couple became a family of four in November 2022 when their son was born. But even before Bronze came into this world, they were having a couple of whirlwind years. 2020 happened and brought with it the pandemic. But that was also the first season where the Chiefs quarterback won a Super Bowl. Shortly after, he and Brittany welcomed their daughter, Sterling. And in 2022, not only did they welcome Bronze, but they also got married! Since then, they’ve been devoted to their kids, spending as much time together as possible. But every now and then, the question arises…


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Will they have another child? Well, their fans may have gotten a few non-committal answers in the past – “We are not sure” – but this is definitely something Patrick Mahomes is thinking about. As he joined hosts Rob Riggle and Darren Leader before the Chiefs mini-camp, they asked him, “What does your summer look like?” A couple of weeks ago, Brittany shared a few Instagram stories packing for a month-long European vacation. And that’s what the Mahomes clan is up to. “Before COVID happened, we were supposed to go to Europe. So, this is gonna be the summer I go to Europe with Brittany and the kids.”

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Being the sports family they are, Mahomes revealed they’d be going to Wimbledon to watch a little bit of tennis and head to Formula 1’s British Grand Prix (Mahomes owns a stake in one of the teams – Alpine). “That trip was planned right before COVID, and then I had back-to-back kids. So, I haven’t got to get back over there, and now it’s the time to go,” the quarterback said. When Leader said, “He’s had back-to-back kids, back-to-back rings, and now it’s time to chill,” Mahomes cheekily added, “We’ve got a few more kids, a few more rings, you know whatever.”

While Patrick Mahomes may have revealed the couple’s plans, Brittany wasn’t quite as sure last year. In August 2023, the former soccer player answered questions on Instagram about everything from watching her children grow to supporting her husband. When a curious fan asked if she and Mahomes would want to expand their family after Bronze, Brittany replied, “There are a lot of these… We aren’t sure, honestly! Part of me says yes, part of me says ehhhh, maybe not!”

It’s probably because Sterling and Bronze are still so young and require continuous assistance and supervision. As much as the couple loves spending time with their children, there’s no denying that raising children is a full-time job and extremely tiring. The quarterback admitted to this himself. In an appearance on the First Class Fatherhood podcast last year, the host asked Patrick Mahomes, “You’ve got one and one. Are you going to try and break the tie?


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Mahomes quickly answered, “Oh no, I’m not going to break the tie for a while at least. I got a girl and a boy, and I’m 27. I’m going to let these kids grow up. It’s hard when you get home after a long day at work, and you got the baby in one arm or a baby in the other arm at all times.” Now, more than a year later – although he didn’t mention when – he sure is looking forward to having another kid at home. But you know what that means, right?

More kids would mean more tantrums for Brittany and Patrick Mahomes to handle

Throwing tantrums is part and parcel of being a kid. That’s almost like an unwritten rule. And dealing with them is what parents do. But Patrick Mahomes’ way of doing it during their vacation was quite hilarious. And it may have given people a perception of “uneven parenting.” One-year-old Bronze is no stranger to making his feelings known when he doesn’t get his way. Brittany Mamhomes’ frequent Instagram stories about his tantrums are proof of this. Remember how he was rolling on a golf course, crying his heart out, when his parents told him it was time to go?


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Well, as Brittany wrote, “Dude loves golf.” But it looks like he also loves rolling on the floor while showing his discontentment. That’s precisely what he did as the Mahomes clan strolled down a serene road with a backdrop of mountains. As Bronze screamed, cried, and rolled on the ground, Patrick Mahomes just patiently waited for his son to finish his tantrum while sipping a bottle of beer. But where was the uneven parenting?

In the story Brittany Mahomes shared right before the one with Bronze’s tantrum, Patrick Mahomes was a textbook girl dad, looking as happy as can be, clicking a picture of Sterling as she posed for him. These stories, in succession, created a hilarious contrast that fans were quick to point out. That said, if Patrick and Brittany do have another kid, they’ll likely have many more such instances. So, what do you think? If the couple has another kid, will Patrick Mahomes continue using this method of dealing with tantrums?