Amidst Steelers Super Bowl Ambitions, Russell Wilson Compared to Kirk Cousins and Baker Mayfield Over “Appropriate” Expectations

Published 04/10/2024, 12:31 AM EDT

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After some threats and turbulence, Russell Wilson finally made it to the Pittsburgh Steelers, leaving the Denver Broncos with the biggest dead cap in the sport’s history. Though he is signed to the Steelers on a league minimum, the QB draws comparisons with Kirk Cousins and Baker Mayfield.

Naturally, with this salary and the new roster that Wilson has found himself with, there are a lot of expectations from the Super Bowl-winning quarterback. Is it appropriate to have all these expectations from him? The hosts of SPEAK had a lengthy conversation about it.

It is okay to keep expectations from Russell Wilson


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Emmanuel Acho asked whether the Steelers would expect Wilson too much if they wanted him to take the team to a playoff game at least. LeSean McCoy pointed out that the Broncos threw him off the track with their “dysfunctional organization,” saying that Russell Wilson is an “efficient quarterback.” McCoy said the Broncos didn’t develop their players to reach their pinnacle.

Joy Taylor gave a great insight into Russell Wilson’s situation. “I don’t think the expectations are too high for Russell Wilson,” said Taylor, adding, “He’s a fringe Hall of Famer at best if you don’t feel like he is a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame and he still can play football. So, the expectations are completely appropriate. What do we expect of someone who just got $100 million in Kirk Cousins? We expect for him to take them to the playoffs and probably win a playoff game.”

Taylor had a few more things to say: “What do we expect from Baker Mayfield? Baker Mayfield went to a playoff game, right?”

Initially, the Steelers had different expectations from the QB, but as time passed by, things changed for the better.

Russell Wilson is a Steelers favorite

Per an ESPN report, Pittsburgh initially wanted Russell Wilson to mold Kenny Pickett into a Super Bowl-caliber QB. But the Steelers are trying to win a Lombardi this year, and their GM, Omar Khan, affirmed it when he spoke to ESPN.


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“If you would’ve told me a month ago… that we’d be sitting here a month later, and that Russell Wilson and Justin Fields would be our quarterbacks?” Khan told ESPN and added, “Yeah, I’d be a little bit surprised. (But we’re) trying to win a Super Bowl this year. Those decisions were made with the intent that they could help us this year.”

Also, the Steelers HC Mike Tomlin mentioned that the QB is in a “pole position” to lead the QB squad. For now, Mason Rudolph, Kenny Pickett, and Mitch Trubisky are all in a crunch with the Steelers as they let some of them go.

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Do you think the Steelers can reach the playoffs this year? Let us know below.

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