Bill Belichick, the Pats head coach of 24 seasons, was not forgotten but let go once the 2023 season came to an end. Belichick’s departure, however, came with a new dawn for the Patriots, with the hiring of Jerod Mayo; the first black head coach in the franchise’s history. Of all people, the Raiders WR Davante Adams had a few things to say about this historic move.

The WR, along with Robert Kraft, talked about the revamped Patriots on The Shop. It was visible that Adams held newfound confidence in the Pats and, by the sacking of Belichick, Robert Kraft seemed happy to break a tradition that upheld their team for decades.

Davante Adams on the Jerod Mayo-Robert Kraft connection and changing scenes at the Patriots 


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A barber shop might arguably be the best place to talk about sports. So, Adams and the Pats owner didn’t miss a chance to discuss what was on their minds. Adams pointed out how a black head coach in Foxboro is a huge deal, as compared to the same happening in a team like the Las Vegas Raiders. Per WR, the circumstances might be the same for the Packers.  

“We’ve been honest, I think that depending on the location of the team makes that a bigger deal” said Adams and added, “Like a black head coach on the Patriots is going to be much bigger in my mind at least, than putting a black head coach on the Raiders.”

The Patriots owner was quick to agree to the assessment and praised Davante Adams for his comments. “That’s actually nice that you say that.”


Places like the Pats and the Packers haven’t witnessed this sort of culture shift ever. Keeping that in mind, Adams said, “Some of the teams… it’s not looked as like… there’s any racism attached to it… just the history that’s been there and you haven’t really seen it happen…” A catalyst for this change was Kraft and Mayo’s relationship which dates back a decade and a half.

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Kraft and Mayo have been tight since 2008

Mayo was signed as the Patriots LB back in 2008. He played till 2015 after which he returned to the Pats in 2019, but for a different role altogether. Mayo became the LB coach for the team and his success was somewhat of a surprise to Robert Kraft. The owner wished that he could have hired Mayo earlier. The duo went to Israel together for religious purposes and that’s when he had the epiphany to make Mayo a part of the Patriots family.


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USA Today via Reuters

“The week we spent together in the Holy Land in 2019 really helped strengthen my convictions about how special Jerod is as a person and how capable I thought he would be as a head coach in this league,” Kraft said about his new-found perception of Mayo. Little did he know that his premonition would come true.

“There have been many moments in my life that other people couldn’t understand, but it was the right decision for me,” Kraft said. “With Jerod, I knew while observing him in Israel, he was the right person to be the next head coach of the New England Patriots.”


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With a newfound belief in Jerod Mayo, the Patriots are eyeing success. Can they become a dynasty again?

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