Calvin Ridley’s NFL future and his personal life are circulating in the news. The now free agent, Ridley, has likely become the top prospect of the Jacksonville Jaguars, after the 2023 season. As per the reports, he is about to re-sign with the team after a strong first season in Duval County.

However, there was a time when Ridley was suspended for violating the league’s regulations in March 2022. And then later, he was traded from the Atlanta Falcons to the Jaguars. Despite deleting his social media accounts since the suspension incident, Ridley has often been seen in the photos of his partner, Dominique Fitchard. Let’s find out who the lady is and what her work profile is!

Who is Calvin Ridley’s wife?


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Born on February 9, 1993, Dominique Michelle Fitchard and her twin sister, Monique Nichole Fitchard, were born to her mother Sharon Daniels. Her father’s details aren’t public yet. Considering her educational background, as per reports, Fitchard sisters attended Johnson High School in Huntsville, Alabama, and Dominique played basketball there before graduating. After that, she went on to attend Alabama’s Tuskegee University, where she graduated and earned a certified degree of occupational therapists after a few failures.

However, now, Dominique, with her sister, is the co-owner of a hair extensions business, named – “Hella Fly Hair Collection LLC.” And later they expanded their business with a Hella Fly clothing line. Besides being the CEO, Michelle is a proud wife of Calvin Ridley, and the mom of two. Ridley attended the University of Alabama for college football, and has been in a relationship with Michelle since then.

When the Falcons selected Ridley in the 2018 NFL draft, after a tumultuous phase, Fitchard and Ridley’s family were there with him. To honor their love story, Ridley decided to move forward, as he proposed to Fitchard on her 26th birthday in 2019, inviting both of their families in celebration. They welcomed their first child, a daughter named “Cree Michelle Ridley” on June 27, 2020.

As per the reports, soon later, the couple married to each other. Last year, they welcomed their other daughter into the world on November 6, 2023 at 10:49 am (as per her IG post), and named her: “Coi Meielle Ridley.” The close-knit family of four resides together, and Michelle consistently stands by Ridley, offering unwavering support at all times.

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Meanwhile, Ridley has put the Jaguars in a tricky situation, ahead of the NFL 2024 draft rounds.

What’s happening with Calvin Ridley’s contract scene?


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Calvin Ridley, who led the Jaguars in receiving yards (1,016) last season, is desired again by the team for the upcoming season. However, his situation still hangs on a thread. The trade deal that sent him from Falcons to Jaguars includes a condition: if Ridley re-signs with the Jags, Atlanta receives a 2024-second-round draft pick; otherwise, it’s a third-round pick. This condition arose from the original announcement of a conditional fourth-round pick, later upgraded due to Ridley’s strong 2023 performance.

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The Jags face a dilemma with Ridley’s free agency, as keeping him is preferred, but it involves sacrificing draft capital. The situation prompts considerations, including replacements, and strategic decisions regarding other key players like pass rusher Josh Allen.


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So, whether Ridley stays or goes, the Falcons will be impacted in some manner.

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