Cam Newton Warns Deestroying Against Coming to NFL After YouTuber Fractures Vertebrae During UFL Game

Published 04/12/2024, 3:25 PM EDT

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Deestroying, a content creator with 5.82 million YouTube subscribers, achieved his dream of playing professional football with the San Antonio Brahmas. However, his joy was short-lived as he suffered multiple neck fractures during a game against the Memphis Showboats.

Cam Newton, known for his candidness, recently shared his thoughts on Donald De La Haye, also known as Deestroying, and his injury during a UFL game. Newton, speaking on his YouTube show “4th & 1,” expressed concern about Deestroying’s pursuit of an NFL career.

Newton’s perspective on Deestroying’s influence


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“Why the f**K or who the f**k do you have to prove to to feel like you have to make it to the NFL,” Newton questioned. He acknowledged Deestroying’s influence and importance in the UFL, suggesting that Deestroying’s presence benefits the league very much.

He further added, “People follow Deestroying more than they follow the UFL, okay right. And for those who haven’t it it’s it’s well produced it’s well edited, directed all that it’s called Project NFL this is my message to Deestroying, bro I know this was a unforeseen injury that took place not only is it a reminder for you but also a reminder for football players around the world to work on your technique and your fundamentals of tackling keep your head up because this is a serious.” 

Newton’s message to De La Haye emphasizes the need for caution and prioritizing personal well-being over professional aspirations. Despite the setback, Deestroying remains determined to recover and return to the field stronger. 

As the Youtuber embarks on his road to recovery, Newton’s words resonate as a reminder of the responsibility athletes have towards their health and safety. As per UFL rules, Deestroying has been placed on injured reserve, requiring a minimum of five weeks’ absence from the game.

However, this is not the first time Cam has shared his view on Deestroying. 


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Cam Newton’s concerns over De La Haye’s kicking role

In one episode of 4th & 1, Newton expressed pride in De La Haye’s accomplishments but questioned his role as a kicker, particularly regarding field goals. “Every time I talked to Deestroying he always wanted to be an elite, And I’m like, bro, you make more money than people in the league. So that’s why I’m like, bro, you want to do what?” Newton commented. “But where’s the field goals? He kicking the f**k out them kick-offs, but can you kick them hes to the up rise?”

Newton admitted relying on highlights and not having a complete picture of the game against the D.C. Defenders. He pointed out that there was only one clear opportunity for a field goal attempt by De La Haye during the game. 


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Despite the limited chances for field goals, the San Antonio Brahmas secured a victory over the D.C. Defenders with a score of 27-12. The game saw three touchdowns, three punts, and a fumble from the Brahmas.

As per Cam, while Deestroying’s debut showcased his capability in kickoffs, questions remain about his ability to perform field goals effectively.


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