CeeDee Lamb has emerged as a prominent figure since joining the Dallas Cowboys. He is all set to give his best at the Pro Bowl games in 2024. Born to parents Cliff Lamb and Leta Ramirez, Lamb dealt with the repercussions of his parents’ early divorce. His mother, Leta Ramirez, took on the primary role in his upbringing after the split. Recently, she came into the spotlight for the now-deleted “DAK ISN’T IT!!!” comment on social media. 

Furthermore, Lamb, whose real name is Cedarian DeLeon Lamb, hasn’t revealed the details of his parents’ divorce but has opened up and shared his experiences growing up with divorced parents. Lamb has majorly resided with his mother. 

“A very strong woman,” more about CeeDee Lamb’s mother, Leta Ramirez


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CeeDeeLamb was born into a family of football lovers – Lamb’s dad, Cliff Ramirez played at MidAmerica Nazarene, and Adam Lamb, his uncle, played at Texas Southern. Interestingly, his uncle, Chester Ramirez played at the Air Force Academy. CeeDee was raised by his mother after her split from Cliff while Lamb was still a kid.

CeeDee Lamb’s professional journey is marked by the unwavering support of a resilient and inspiring figure. Leta Ramirez, a former medical assistant, didn’t let the challenges of her demanding job hinder her commitment to her son’s passion for football. A graduate of Northshore High School, Leta recognized CeeDee’s fervor for the sport and ensured he made it to practice every day despite the obstacles.

The commute was no small feat—a 45-mile drive through the chaotic Houston traffic after her nine-to-five job. Lamb was well-versed with his mother’s struggles, even though she never let him worry about them. He said, “She’s a very strong woman. I know there were nights that she cried because she couldn’t provide everything for her kids at all times. She would always smile in front of her kids’ face, just to show them that she’s happy, no matter the circumstance.

Lamb has also said, “My mom, growing up, she’s always been a hard worker, always striving to do anything in her power to make sure that we, me and my brothers, had food. With only one car, five of us boys were often running on about four hours of sleep, five days a week. It was tough on her, and I knew it. So, every day in practice, I didn’t just have fun; I played with intent.”

Not only that but recently, she even came in support of her son, who was locked in a dispute with his team’s quarterback, Dak Prescott. So, Ramirez slammed him on social media herself.

Leta Ramirez takes a jab at Dak Prescott

The world of Jerry Jones, known as “Jerry World,” is currently in turmoil as internal discord surfaces following the Cowboys’ disappointing playoff exit. With a recurring theme of early postseason departures, tensions are escalating within the inner circles of crucial Cowboys players. Rumors are swirling about issues between star wide receiver CeeDee Lamb and quarterback Dak Prescott, fueling discord speculation.

Leta Ramirez reportedly chose Facebook as her platform to convey sentiments in the aftermath of Dallas’ disheartening 48-32 wild-card loss to the Green Bay Packers. She wrote, “DAK ISN’T IT!!!” Moreover, in her comment section, she also wrote about Prescott, “They need to get rid of his a**!! It’s guys on that team [that] wants a RING! They work [too] hard.” So, she didn’t hesitate to take her son’s side for a second.

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In another thread, she has also hinted toward a potential trade of his son, presumably to his home team, the Houston Texans. The post was soon deleted from Facebook. But it wasn’t just Ramirez. Dak Prescott’s brother Tad Prescott also made headlines as he lashed out at Cowboys fans on X about the “drama” surrounding his sibling in Dallas.


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While all this happened, Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones was busy making head coach decisions on Mike McCarthy. Recent reports suggest that the team will see some coaching staff tweaks in the upcoming off-season.


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On the Pro Bowl front, CeeDee Lamb stole the show at the Pro Bowl Games by delivering an outstanding dodgeball performance, highlighting the NFC’s dominance. Lamb, who secured a spot in the games due to his stellar performance for the Dallas Cowboys, came in first for total receptions, second for receiving yards, and third for total touchdowns.

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