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In an era where sports transcend beyond the mere act of scoring points and winning games, athletes like Patrick Mahomes and Stephen Curry redefine what it means to be a game-changer. Mahomes, in his recent conversation with Time magazine, acknowledges the profound impact Curry has had on basketball and expresses his desire to mirror that influence within the NFL. 

It’s a comparison that resonates deeply with fans and analysts alike, as both athletes have not only dominated their respective sports but have also reshaped them with their unique styles.

Chiefs’ QB on Stephen Curry’s impact on the game


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I work on it,” Mahomes said, referring to his practice of unconventional passes. This statement is a testament to the dedication behind his seemingly effortless on-field magic. It’s a nod to the countless hours spent perfecting his craft, much like Curry’s dedication to his game-changing three-pointers. “I think that’s something that gets lost in this,” Mahomes continued, highlighting the often-overlooked grind behind the glamour of game days.

The Chiefs’ quarterback doesn’t shy away from the comparison to the Warriors‘ superstar. He acknowledges the joy, flair, and wizardry both bring to their sports and how Curry’s influence on basketball is something he aspires to replicate in football. “Look at how he brought the three-pointer into what it is today,” Mahomes reflected. “He’s made such an impact on the game. It changed the entire sports world.

Patrick Mahomes’ approach to football mirrors Curry’s to basketball in more ways than one. Both athletes have redefined their positions and have become the faces of their leagues. His admiration is rooted in the recognition of a kindred spirit. Both athletes have a penchant for the spectacular, turning the improbable into the expected. 

Curry’s relentless pursuit of perfection in his shooting, particularly from beyond the arc, has revolutionized basketball. He’s stretched defenses to their breaking point and has made the three-pointer a weapon of mass production in the NBA. His dedication to his craft is evident in the hours spent honing his skills, transforming what many considered trick shots into a fundamental part of his arsenal.


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Similarly, Patrick Mahomes has brought a level of creativity and innovation to the quarterback position that the NFL has seldom seen. His no-look passes, sidearm throws, and ability to make plays out of nothing are reminiscent of Magic Johonson’s Showtime Lakers but also show the hours of work put in to develop like Curry’s deep threes and clutch shooting. 

Mahomes-like Steph-will impact the sport beyond his playing days

Patrick Mahomes works tirelessly on these unconventional techniques, ensuring that they’re not just for show but effective tools that contribute to his team’s success. His approach to the game has introduced a new dimension to the quarterback role, much like Curry’s shooting has done for the point guard position.


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The comparison extends beyond their on-field performances. Curry’s impact on basketball culture is immeasurable. He’s inspired a generation of players to value skill development, particularly shooting, from a young age. His influence is seen in playgrounds and gyms across the globe, where kids emulate his shooting form and dream of hitting the deep three. 

Mahomes, with his flair and infectious love for the game, has the potential to leave a similar legacy in football. He’s making the quarterback position about more than just arm strength and pocket presence; it’s about creativity, adaptability, and the joy of playing the game.