Ciara Reveals Meaning Behind Daughter’s Exceptional Name Amid Russell Wilson Sidelining by Broncos

Published 01/02/2024, 1:13 PM EST

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The Denver Broncos superstar QB Russell Wilson welcomed his fourth child into his life not so long ago. And even though things are not going as well as planned on the field for Wilson, off the field he is a proud father again. All the while, his fans were buzzed with the meaning of his newborn daughter’s name. His wife Ciara Wilson just revealed it.

Ever since meeting each other in 2015, Russell and Ciara have been inseparable. The 38-year-old singer-songwriter married the Super Bowl winner in 2016. Even though all their kids have extraordinary names, baby Amora’s might just be the best.

Russell Wilson becomes a dad for the 4th time


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When Russell married Ciara in 2016, she was already a mother of a son named Future Zahid, whom she had with the rapper ‘Future’. In 2017, their first child together, Sienna Princess, was born and then in 2019, son Win Harrison came into their lives. But with the birth of their fourth child, Amora, everybody was perplexed by the meaning of the name. But Ciara explained it wonderfully in an Instagram story.


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She wrote, “Amora = Love in Italian, Amora = Love in French, Amora = Love in Arabic”. She accompanied this message with a trio of heart emojis and wrote her daughter’s name once again.

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This beautiful story can only be outdone by the beautiful lives that Russell and Ciara have made for each other. However, everything is not rosy and beautiful for Wilson on the football field. With him being benched last week, will the couple have to move from Denver for the next season?

Wilson to pack his bags?


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With the Broncos winning over the divisional foes, the Los Angeles Chargers in the Week 17 matchup without Wilson, it seems more likely that the Pro Bowler will have to sit out the last game of the regular season as well. That means the writing is on the wall for Wilson.

The attempt to sit out Wilson as the Broncos are eliminated from the playoffs could be to make sure that Wilson does not get injured. Since the QB’s contract dictates that if he reports injured in March 2024, the Broncos will have to pay him an additional 37.5 million dollars.


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It looks like saving this money is too important as the Broncos are willing to destroy their relationship with Wilson over it. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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