Coincidence or Just Bad Luck – Why Buffalo Bills Dislike Playing on ‘Heartbreaker’ November 13?

Published 11/14/2023, 8:24 AM EST

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The Buffalo Bills are emerging as a strong team this NFL season. Or are they? The Bills are currently at 5-5. And fresh off a loss from the Denver Broncos. Russell Wilson and his Bronco Brigade galloped into the Bills Stadium and trampled them with a 24-22 victory. More so, the Bills had a case of the ‘Twelve Men Tango’ on the field — a dance move that’s not earning them any style points.

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Will Lutz booted a field goal that sent shockwaves through Bills Nation, rallying the Broncos to their third consecutive win and leaving the Bills scratching their heads. Word on the street is that the Bills might have a bone to pick with November 13. Superstitions, anyone? What’s the deal with this date? Time to spill the beans and see if the Bills can shake off the bad vibes or if there’s some cosmic football curse.

November blues: Bills’ kryptonite on November 13 exposed

The Buffalo Bills stumbled to a 5-5 record after a turnover fiesta–four times to be exact. Josh Allen threw two interceptions and lost a fumble, having the most turnovers in the entire NFL this season. In a game where Allen did his best superhero impression, scampering in for a six-yard touchdown to snatch the Bills’ first and only lead. But, Russell Wilson had other plans. Clearly, the day was not in their favour. Talk about the unlucky number 13.

November 13, the date that seems to be giving the Bills a serious case of the football blues. Last year, they had their hearts broken by the Minnesota Vikings, and this time around, the Denver Broncos were the party crashers. NFL detective Ari Meirov spilled the beans on social media platform ‘X,’ showcasing a jaw-dropping coincidence with a side-by-side of the Bills’ clashes against the Vikings and the Broncos, both on November 13.

What’s the verdict? 13 might just be the Bills’ kryptonite. Whether it’s turnovers or tough luck on this ominous date, one thing’s for certain–lady luck ain’t exactly wearing a Bills jersey on November 13.

Home sweet home no more: Bills’ year-long streak ends with a bang

The Buffalo Bills’ latest L just knocked them right out of the playoff party. Ouch! This marks the second consecutive defeat for the preseason Super Bowl darlings, and to add salt to the wound, it’s their first home loss in exactly a year. Somebody cue the dramatic music!

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The Bills’ offense hit the snooze button in the first half, facing a 15-8 deficit at halftime thanks to three turnovers that turned positive plays into a real-life football horror show. But hey, no time to dwell because the Bills are about to defend their turf against the NY Jets. Can they flip the script and turn the tide? We want your gridiron wisdom, so drop those predictions in the comment section below. Let the football fortune-telling begin!

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"If you stumble, make it part of the dance." While a little out of context from this quote, years back I stumbled across the vibrant dynamics of football, and its Red Army became part of my world. Since then, the Kansas City Chiefs have been the team I find therapeutic solace in.
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