Dan Orlovsky Backs Russell Wilson and Steelers “Chance” as Broncos Blamed for ‘Misfiring’ Offense: “Better Than It Was in Denver”

Published 03/12/2024, 12:58 AM EDT

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Russell Wilson’s career probably became stagnant with the Denver Broncos, followed by what the QB contended to be threats to get benched for not pushing back his $37 million guarantee. Then came his expected departure, which has also been compared to some of Hollywood’s epic flops. Wilson left the Broncos with the highest dead money ($85 million) a franchise has ever had in the history of the NFL. A majority of fans agree that Russ’s meeting with the Steelers was the right move.

Now, people are catching up to it and sympathizing with the Broncos ex-QB. Wilson, who signed a 5-year $245 million deal in 2022 with the Broncos, left to play for the Steelers with a league minimum, allowing the Pittsburgh team to amass talent in their roster. The good gesture is enough for any team to give this Super Bowl-winning quarterback a chance. In the same spirit, Dan Orlovsky had some inspiring words to say about the QB.

Pat McAfee and Dan Orlovsky give Russell Wilson a Steelers welcome


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The conversation unfolded as McAfee pointed out that Wilson was only getting a league minimum of $1.2 million. He pointed out how it’s a huge benefit for the Steelers and wanted to know ESPN Football Anayst, Dan Orlovsky’s thoughts on Wilson’s “marriage” with Arthur Smith and the Steelers organization.

The guest was quick to jump the gun as he added that Wilson still had a lot of football left in him. Orlovsky also pointed out how the Pittsburgh Steelers need to improve their run game and how Wilson will benefit the Black and Yellow team in that area. The guest also pointed out how Mike Tomlin, the Steelers, and Wilson should be in harmony with each other.

Per Orlovsky, the Steelers didn’t have a chance before Wilson, but now they sure do. He then proceeded to explain why the Steelers are a better choice for Wilson. The journalist added that Wilson had been a top 12 QB in his tenure with the Denver Broncos despite being dealt with a shabby O-Line and unhealthy players around him and still getting fired.

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“If you just take last year and you get that Russell Wilson, and I would say that Pittsburgh as an offense in totality is a better situation, the offense line is going to be better than what it was in Denver and the skill position players are definitely better than they were in Denver, then you’re going to get a team that last year was 10 and seven that’s worth two more wins and that’s just the truth,” said Orlovsky about the recent changes.

Though the former NFL player had mostly good things to say about Wilson, there were some shortcomings he pointed out.

Wilson’s calculated decision still has room for improvement

Dan Orlovsky pointed out that there might be a superiority complex that Wilson might bring to the Steelers that might rub them the wrong way. Case in point, Sean Payton had an adverse reaction to Russell Wilson having his own office and personnel in the Broncos facility. So that kind of privilege causes a divide, which the Steelers might not want.


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The 40-year-old analyst pointed out that Wilson must work on throwing passes in the middle. Apart from the ball placement, the QB would have to “manage” not taking as many sacks. While holding on to the ball to make time is not an issue, Wilson would have to adjust to Smith’s new offense and even new terminologies. Not to mention staying on the same page with everyone on the field.


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Safe to say that Wilson has a lot to look forward to and there may certainly be room for improvement, as pointed out by Dan Orlovksy. What’s your take on this?

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