There was a notable absence in the New York Jets minicamp on Tuesday. The Jets star QB Aaron Rodgers did not show up for the mandatory minicamp on June 11, causing a stir among fans and media. Additionally, there are reports that he might be missing the June 12 camp as well.

As a result, Rodgers could face CBA fines, which is likely to be around $100K, for missing the camp. While it’s a big deal for players to miss mandatory camps, for Rodgers, it might not be such a significant issue. In fact, according to his former Green Bay Packers teammate, A-Rod has merited his miss from the Jets’ OTAs.

Aaron Rodgers’ absence from the minicamp not  a big deal for ex-Super Bowl Champion


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In a recent episode of SPEAK, Joy Taylor, LeSean McCoy, Dave Helman, and James Jones reacted to Aaron Rodgers’ absence from the mandatory minicamp. While they shed light on Robert Saleh’s “unexcused” comments regarding the absenteeism, the hosts were quick to defend the Green Bay Packers quarterback. Former Packers and Rodgers’ ex-teammate, Jones, highlighted why Rodgers’ skipping the mandatory minicamps is fine, and not a big thing at all.

He reiterated his veteran status and prompted that since joining the Jets, A-Rod has fully committed to the team. He has been participating in every off-season activity. According to Jones, “He’s been at everything. We are talking about minicamp. You don’t even take no reps in minicamp. I remember being part of minicamp and yes everybody here is mandatory minicamp. When these OTAs come around…the rookies is taking all of these reps, it doesn’t even matter about the veterans.” 

The 40-year-old further continued, “This means absolutely nothing. Saleh said he communicated with me, passionate about something he had to go to. I know mandatory on there and this is minicamp, you’re not taking any refs. Aaron Rogers has done everything he needed to do offseason-wise since he’s become a New York Jet. This is absolutely nothing.

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Thus for Jones, in minicamp, rookies usually get most of the reps while veterans like Rodgers often just coach them. Jones added that during his time in minicamp, the veterans were in sneakers, not taking reps, just helping the young players. Jones was joined by LeSean McCoy who backed a similar stance. He believed that the minicamps were more for the rookies who were eager to learn and question.

He added, “This is nothing to me. I am really mad that we made this a whole thing.” Meanwhile, Joy Taylor did not hesitate to push the blame on the New York media for this issue taking such a big space. According to Taylor, his absence won’t impact the Jets or Aaron Rodgers in any way, it won’t affect their preparations or success possibilities. But the question is: Why Rodgers has actually missed the camp?

The reason behind Aaron Rodgers missing the minicamp


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Aaron Rodgers’ absence from the New York Jets minicamp has raised some eyebrows. Typically, veteran players like Rodgers have the flexibility to miss OTAs (Organized Team Activities), but missing a mandatory minicamp is more significant. Jets head coach Robert Saleh clarified that Rodgers had informed him beforehand about an important event he had to attend.

“The second [absence] is Aaron,” Saleh said. “Aaron and I spoke before OTAs started, he’s been very good with communication, he’s been here the entire time. It’s inexcused, but he had an event that was very important to him, which he communicated.”

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Rodgers is not the only notable absence; Hasson Reddick, a new Jets pass rusher, is also missing as he seeks a new contract. According to NBA New York, “Both players could be fined $16,953 for missing the first day of minicamp and $33,908 for the second day for a total of $50,861.


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Rodgers, who had been recovering from his Achilles injury of 2023, aims to enter his first Jets full season. As expressed by the QB, he looks forward to leading the team to their first playoffs since 2010, ending the longest playoff drought in North American sports. The Jets will first face the runner-up of last season San Francisco 49ers on September 9.