Ex-Washington QB Reveals Why Jayden Daniels Is ‘Ready-Made’ Over Drake Maye & How He Perfectly Fits In at Dan Quinn’s Commanders

Published 04/14/2024, 3:52 PM EDT

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The Washington Commanders are gearing up for an important week as they welcome two top quarterback prospects for visits. According to NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport, LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels will visit on April 15, followed by North Carolina’s Drake Maye on April 16-17.

Amidst the speculation about the draft pick, the former Washington Commanders‘ quarterback Robert Griffin III (RG3) recently shared insights into the debate between Jayden Daniels and Drake Maye.

RG3’s take: Why Jaden Daniels might outshine Drake Maye

Reflecting on the comparison between Daniels and Maye, RG3 stated, “How by numbers, resume and eye test? Is Drake May even in the conversation of going above Jaden Daniels? Oh, wow. That is a very heavy question.” He continued, “And what I would say is this: I don’t think that Drake May should be drafted before Jayden Daniels.”

RG3 explained his viewpoint, saying, “It’s not because I don’t think that Drake Maye is worthy of a top five pick or top ten pick. It’s just because I believe that Jayden Daniels is a better quarterback at this point in his career.” He emphasized the importance of evaluating quarterbacks based on their potential, noting, “Teams evaluate the quarterback position by forecasting forward.”

Responding to a fan question about which quarterback is better for Washington, RG3 asserted, “It’s Jayden Daniels.” He provided reasons for his choice, highlighting Washington’s offensive lineup and the readiness of Daniels to join the team.

Robert emphasized Daniels’ experience and skill set as important factors in his favour, stating, “That’s the cherry on the top for me as to why the Commanders should pick Jayden Daniels over Drake May. It’s the experience.” He also praised Daniels’ play style, saying, “You see how Jayden Daniels has one of the best deep balls in all of college football.”

However, both Maye and Daniels have proven themselves to be exceptional quarterbacks with bright futures ahead.

Maye’s credentials vs. Daniels’ potential

Maye has quite the resume, winning the ACC Player of the Year and Offensive Player of the Year awards in 2022. With a projected 2nd position at the QB draft pick, Maye’s skills have earned him a stellar reputation.

On the other hand, Daniels, the Heisman Trophy winner in 2023, is not far behind Maye. Many fans argue that Daniels deserves to be ranked higher. But as of right now, both the QBs are being considered by the Commanders, as suggested by Maye’s visit to the team.

Looking at their stats, both Maye and Daniels have had impressive performances. While both played 12 games, Daniels threw for more passing yards, totalling 3,811 compared to Maye’s 3,608. Additionally, Daniels has thrown over 40 touchdowns, surpassing Maye’s 24. Despite being older, Daniels continues to shine on the field.

Although the projected draft picks place Maye ahead of Daniels, the stats suggest otherwise. In the end, the question of who’s the better quarterback may remain subjective, with opinions varying among fans, analysts, and experts alike. 


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