Exclusive: Roosters Skipper James Tedesco Gives Final Verdict on Tom Brady-Patrick Mahomes GOAT Debate Before NRL 2024 Opener in Las Vegas

Published 02/25/2024, 3:36 PM EST

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In an exclusive interview to EssentiallySports, while promoting the NRL’s debut on American soil, Roosters skipper James Tedesco recently provided insight into the enduring debate over who deserves the title of the greatest quarterback of all time (GOAT) between Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes. The Super Bowl ended in a thriller and Patrick Mahomes firmly established himself as one of the greatest of all time after winning the Chiefs, another Lombardi. It was natural for the barber shop talk to take over after that, considering how loaded the 49ers were.

Tedesco acknowledged Brady’s status as the “OG goat,” citing his remarkable success and longevity in the NFL. With multiple Super Bowl rings and a career that defied age, Brady’s legacy looms large in football history. Tedesco also praised Brady’s approach to the game, highlighting his humility and singular focus on self-improvement as key attributes that contributed to his greatness.

Here’s what he said, “Tom Brady is definitely the OG goat. Everyone just loves and respects the way he, the amount of success he had over a long period of time playing to the age he did. You know, we all love Tom Brady here and the amount of rings he won, it’s just, it’s really special. So I know Mahomes is sort of on that same track. He hasn’t won as many as Tom yet, but he’s still got a long playing career to go, so who knows how good he could be. But I think I respect what Tom Brady, I’ve heard him say in podcasts and when he was speaking, he didn’t really compare himself or try and be anyone. He just tried to be the best version of himself. And that’s what made him such a great player and have so much success. He wasn’t worried about trying to compare himself to Montana’s or QB’s before him.


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He further continued, “Yeah, I think Tom Brady’s motivation here and him speaking is something we love as NRL players. And yeah, Mahomes is on that same trajectory with the success he’s having at an early age. And who knows I wouldn’t really compare him. I’d just say that at the moment, they’re two of the two of the greatest QBs to play NFL. So it’s just exciting for us to watch, especially the Mahomes era because Brady was a bit before me. I wasn’t really into the NFL as much then, but seeing the Mahomes, the success he’s had over the last five, five, six years is really cool.


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On the other hand, Tedesco recognized Mahomes’ rapid ascent in the league and his potential to rival Brady’s achievements in the future. Despite not yet matching Brady’s ring count, Tedesco noted Mahomes’ impressive performance early in his career and speculated on the heights he could reach with time. While refraining from a direct comparison between the two quarterbacks, Tedesco emphasized the significance of both Brady and Mahomes in shaping the NFL landscape.

Embracing Mahomes’ legacy: A new NFL era per James Tedesco


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Tedesco expressed his profound admiration for Mahomes’ impact on the game. With Mahomes ushering in a new era of quarterback play characterized by his athleticism, arm talent, and creativity in the field, James Tedesco noted the excitement surrounding the young quarterback’s career. While Brady’s dominance occurred before Tedesco’s deep dive into NFL fandom, he underscored the importance of Mahomes’ achievements in shaping the future of the league.

With Mahomes representing the pinnacle of the modern quarterback archetype, Tedesco sees the ongoing debate between Brady and Mahomes as a reflection of the evolving nature of football excellence. As both quarterbacks continue to make their mark on the sport, James Tedesco believes that NFL fans are witnessing a unique moment in football history where two legends of the game coexist, each leaving an indelible legacy on the sport they love.


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