The Detroit Lions crushed their AFC West rivals Las Vegas Raiders with a 26-14 glorious win. This improves the team’s 6-2 record season as they head to a much-needed bye-Week 9, bouncing back from a 38-6 loss to the Baltimore Ravens in the last game. Looks like Eminem’s support wasn’t enough, so they got a Taylor Swift of their own. Except that it’s not Taylor Swift, but her ex-boyfriend, Taylor Lautner. Maybe Jared Goff and Co. can garner enough confidence to beat the struggling Raiders.

During Monday Night Football, the Detroit Lions shared a video that sent them into a frenzy. Will a new celebrity support be enough for the Lions to take over the Raiders? Surely not, but what’s the harm in showing some love back and forth?

Taylor Swift’s ex was all about the Detroit Lions!


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A video from the Detroit Lions’ Instagram just surfaced an hour ago and the fans couldn’t be more excited for the Detroit Lions. The video shows Taylor Lautner on the sidelines sending a shoutout to the fans and the Detroit team. We can hear the lively atmosphere in the background as Lautner delivers a heartfelt message. The video was captioned, “Appreciate the love @taylorlautner!”

‘What’s up Lions? It’s Taylor Lautner, I’m excited to be here on Monday Night Football’ says the actor with charisma and his full support to the team.

What’s noticeable was that Lautner was donning the Detroit Lions colors and looked like he was about to step on the field at any given moment. This has got to be an exciting time for the Lions as they have another pop culture celebrity as their support. In the past, Eminem also shared his support for the Lions multiple times. He tweeted several times! Even the fans don’t have a habit of seeing the rapper tweet that much.

But Lautner being associated with the Lions has got the fans excited and they didn’t back away from showing love to the team and the actor. A perfect strategy for the Lions, who are low-key mocking the Chiefs, as Lautner and Swift were related at some point in the past.

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The Taylor Swift-Lautner connection got fans talking!


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The Lions now have a Taylor of their own and the fans didn’t take a lot of time to notice the fact. Reactions keep pouring in as the post reaches more and more people over time. It has just been an hour since the actor delivered the message and the Lions are no short of capitalizing on this publicity.

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One fan writes, ‘We have a Taylor of our own’, while another one chimes in and says ‘Team Jacob 4 life’, and another fan mentions, ‘We have a WAY better Taylor than the Chiefs!’. The raid didn’t stop there as another fan completely disregarded Taylor Swift and said, ‘Much rather have this Taylor than the other one’. And another mentioned, ‘Turn up Taylor!! 👏💙🦁’.  Interestingly, there was also a section of fans who trolled Lautner for pronouncing his name incorrectly, but the former surely took way the spotlight.


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There seems to be a lot of love and support surrounding the 1 team in the NFC North and hopefully, it stays the same. After all, the Lions are having a splendid season after a lot of disappointing years.

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